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Block a list of URL address in your network with Checkpoint GAIA


Block a list of URL address in your network with Checkpoint GAIA :-

Have you ever faced a situation of blocking particular URL or group of URL’s in your network ? If yes, then this tutorial is completely for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

Checkpoint comes with Application & URL filtering software blade for this job but today i am going to show you how to block a list of URL address in your network with IPS software blade.

You have to understand the basic DNS operations, When user is trying to open a Website then first it’s communicating with a Local DNS server for DNS query then Local DNS server is forwarding this request to particular webserver.


actually what actually we are going to do here is blocking DNS request on Local network.

To do so, Open Smart Dashboard on your console PC. Navigate to IPS > Protections > By Type > Application Control > in the right-pane search for Domain Black List and double click on itย .


now select your protection profile, then click on the Edit option and in the main action select the prevent option. Now in the Additional Settings option, you have option to define your URL to drop DNS request.


Click on the Select option , Now click on the New > Domain


then enter your domain name here.


If you want to implement on all profiles. Click on the Change action tab and select prevent on all profile option.



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