Change your network settings on the fly with NetSetMan


Change-your-network-settings-on-the-fly-with-NetSetManChange your network settings on the fly with NetSetMan :-

If you are using the same laptop in multiple places like Home , office or cafeteria. So you need to be changes the network cable or wifi every time. It,s very hectic for any one to always change the ip-address and dns address settings.

NetSetMan comes to make your life a bit easier in this regard, offering a very easy to use interface that basically allows six different sets of network settings.

In other words, once your network settings are saved, it’s enough to pick the ones you need and hit the apply button. No need to write them down again, NetSetMan does the whole job for you.

The application comes with a quite straightforward interface, so you just have to enter network settings, including IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and WINS servers and then save your settings. Additionally, it also supports WiFi, printers, workgroups, PC names and DNS domain settings.

Download and install it.


see the video for more description.

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