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Crack Hash Algorithm with FindMyHash in kali Linux

Crack Hash Algorithm with FindMyHash in kali Linux

Crack Hash Algorithm with FindMyHash in kali Linux :-

What is a Hash?

Hash – A one-way mathematical summary of a message such that the hash value cannot be (easily) reconstituted back into the original message – even with knowledge of the hash algorithm.

Hash Verification :-

Today i am going to show you Crack Hash Algorithm with FindMyHash in kali Linux ?

For this demonstration , first i am going to generate the MD5 or SHA value with , go to the tools menu and select the MD5 hash calculator to create a MD5 hash. now enter your Data and click on the Calculate MD5 hash to create a hash value.


Now you need to be open the FindMyHash in KaliLinux.

Go to the Applications > Kali Linux > Password Attacks > Online Attacks > Select the FindMyHash

md51Valid OPTIONS are :-

-h hash_value: If you only want to crack one hash, specify its value with this option.

-f file: If you have several hashes, you can specify a file with one hash per line.

NOTE: All of them have to be the same type.

-g: If your hash cannot be cracked, search it in Google and show all the results.

NOTE:- This option ONLY works with -h (one hash input) option.

Find MD5 hashes :-

use the syntex

root@Kali:~#findmyhash MD5 –h yourmd5hashvalue

md52Find SHA Hashes :-

root@Kali:~#findmyhash SHA256 –h yourSHA256hashvalue


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