Data Leak Prevention

 Data Leak Prevention ?

In the corporate environment one of the most challenging task is to prevent the Data leak via USB. Many software like McAfee Epo and Windows server 2008 group policy provide the good way to prevent the data leak via USB but USBcopynotify ( provides the really good feature to prevent the following :-

  • Block USB storage Devices /Modems
  • Control CD/DVDs
  • Stop PC to Smartphone Data Transfer
  • Monitor Attachments sent via webmail
  • Unauthorized Smartphone Detection on network
  • Green Computing

 How to Implement the CopyUsbNotify in your Network ?

Step 1 :- Download your software from the

Step2 :- On the Server PC , where you want to monitor, install the Server option. You will get the below kind of window for the monitoring

Data Leak Prevention

Step 3 :- On the Client PC, install the Client option only and provide the IP-address of Server PC.

Data Leak Prevention

Whenever any device will be plugin your network , you will get the below kind of notification

Data Leak Prevention

You will also get the complete logs

Data Leak Prevention

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