Easy-Trick-to-Submit-Your-Website-on-DMOZ-DirecoryEasy Trick to Submit Your Website on DMOZ Direcory :-

The Open Directory Project or has been an important directory listing when optimizing a website for over a decade. DMOZ is a human edited directory of websites on the Internet.

A DMOZ listing can be helpful and add to a site’s credibility, therefore it is desirable to obtain if you can.

DMOZ database is used by many other influential Internet resources, for example, Google, Netscape, AOL; it means that links to your site appear on these portals. It is especially important that Google Directory is based on the ODP, so to get into Google Directory is possible only through DMOZ.

Open and Search for a category. ( Easy way to find correct category is search for site with website URL ).


Like in my case my website is providing information about How to articles on Internet , Windows , Cisco and Backtrack tips. and i know the is providing the same tips. so i just search for in DMOZ database.

As you seen in below image, is listed in Computer FAQs, Help and Tutorials. So now click on the Computer FAQs, Help and Tutorials.


now click on Suggest URL .


now enter your Site URL , Your Title of Site , Your Site Description and enter your Email address here and click on the Submit option to submit your application.



You will see a Submission Received message here.


Once your site has been accepted into the open Directory, it may take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months for your site to listed in the partner sites which use the Open Directory data.

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