Find your best Wi-Fi settings using your Android device


Find your best Wi-Fi settings using your Android device:-

Setting up Wi-Fi is a straightforward task, with most ISPs and router manufacturers making sure you have to do little more than plug your router into your phone socket and turn it on to start wirelessly connecting devices. However, this ease of use can be at the expense ofWi-Fi quality. If you haven’t had the opportunity to select things like the wireless channel settings, how do you know yourWi-Fi is working to its full potential? If all your neighbours are also using their default settings, you could all be sharing the same network frequency and clogging up the airwaves, while other, empty channels could be giving you a stronger signal. This makes it well worth performing a regular check that you’re still getting the best signal. This is a quick and easy job if you use an Android app called WiFi Overview 360, which scans the airwaves around your network to check that your settings are optimised for maximun performance.