How to Disable the Close Button of any Program :-

In 2008, when i was working in Accretive health ( India ), i saw the tally program for accounting and there is no close button for that program.i was really surprise to see this disabled closed button. on that time when i search on internet i didn’t find the any software to disable the close button of any program. However it,s possible with VB.Net programming. Today i find the one freeware program NoClose is very handy for this job. With this application you can easily disable the close button of any program.

This application is really useful for those person who always close the program by mistake.

Download it.


Now you need to press Ctrl + 1 to disable the close button any open program or window.


to again reactive the close button of that program press the Ctrl + 1 again.


it will work on all application.


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