How to find a website admin login page :-

Website login admin page is page from where website administrator can access there admin panel for particular website. Most of the time Hacker , Cracker and Penetration tester are looking for finding website login page to do Brute-force attack to gain access of website administrations. My lots of friend asked me on Facebook to method of finding admin page of any website.

However first and easiest method to find admin login page is jsut add some words after the URL. like :-


Today i am going to show you Most used methods to find a website admin login page.

1. Using Perl Script :-

Perl, sometimes referred to as Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is an interpreted programming language with a huge number of uses, libraries and resources. Arguably one of the most discussed and used languages on the internet, it is often referred to as the swiss army knife, or duct tape, of the web.

To run Perl application, First you have to install Active Perl on your PC. Download and Install it.

Then navigate to and download the code from there.


save it as and run the script to get the login page of the target site. Now enter your Target website URL to scan for admin page of website.


2. Using Havij :-

Havij is a popular SQL injection tool that has an option to scan and search for admin login pages. Enter your target website in Target field and click on the Find Admin option.


it will scan for admin page of your target site


Enjoy these methods.

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