How-to-hide-admin-login-page-in-WordPressHow to hide admin login page in WordPress :-

WordPress is one of the most used CMS ( Content Management System ) for blogging or websites. You can easily find the website login page with or . if you are webmaster it,s always good idea to protect your admin page with Brute-force attack. if attacker will not find find your admin login page then he/she is not able to do brute-force attack on your admin login . In my previous article i wrote about How to Secure your WordPress login page.

In recent days, i receive many Site-lock notifications on my WordPress site.


Today i am going to show you How to hide admin login page in WordPress ?

Previously i am using Better WP security plugin brute-force attack presentation feature to hide my admin login page but now with new update it,s not working perfectly. 🙁 Don’t worry Protected WP login plugin is nice plugin for this use. 🙂

To install Protected WP login :- 

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard.

2. Go to Plugins > Add New.

3.Search for Protected WP login.

4. Click Install Now.

5. Click Activate Plugin.

Upon activation of the plugin, A new setting will be added in your WordPress dashboard settings,

Now in the Protected wp-login options enable the protection and enter your secret code here. Which will allow you to redirect your admin login page for you.


Suppose i enter my secret word “don” then my admin login url will be look like this
If someone try to open your admin login page with wp-admin or wp-login then he/she will see only blank page. 🙂
I recommend to use Dual-authentication for your admin login. If someone succeed to get your username and password but without your unique one-time password he/she is not able to login your WordPress site.
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