How to manage your chrome apps easily

How to manage your chrome apps easily :- 

If you have a lot of apps installed on chrome, the Appjump extension can keep track of them all. it will launch them, organize them into groups, disable them or uninstall them, all from one handy handy location.

Today i am going to show you How to manage your chrome apps easily?

Download and install AppJump App Launcher and Organizer from the Google web store.

Click the Appjump App Launcher icon. A box will appear showing all your apps. Clicking an app will launch it in a new tab. Drag and drop apps to change their order. Click the +  button or manage Apps & Extensions to open the app-management tab.

How to manage your chrome apps easily1A full list of your installed apps will appear in the app-management tab, with a list of Extensions. Click Launch to open app in a new tab. Disable will prevent the app from running. Uninstall will remove it from chrome completely.

How to manage your chrome apps easily2

To sort apps into groups, Click Create new group. Enter a name fro the new group and click Ok. group names appear in the left-hand panel. clicking one will show all the apps in that category.

How to manage your chrome apps easily4

Click the group name and then press edit. You can Rename the group or Remove it from the group list. Removing the group won’t remove the apps from chrome.

You can access all your extensions options in the app-managment tab. The individual options open in a new tab. You can also search for apps at any time by clicking the AppJump icon and typing the app name into the search box.

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