How to Solve Bad Pool Caller Error in Windows 8



How to Solve Bad Pool Caller Error in Windows 8 :-

If you are running Windows 8 on virtual machine or dual boot with Mac or Linux PC, you will be most probably get this error.

There are two tools Whocrashed (Download Now) or Bluescreenview  (Download Now ) available on the internet to see the root cause of the problem.


click on the Analyze button to analyze the dump file.


it will show you root cause of the problem.


most probably, it,s driver problem. If you have Hotspot Shield installed, update the driver from the device manager ( run > devmgmt.msc)


Make Sure Hardware Is Functioning Properly :-

Most instances of this error are caused by malfunctioning hardware (especially hard drives and RAM) which prevent your computer from reading the files or settings that it needs. You should begin by making sure all your hardware is running well, all the cables are in securely and that no hard drives are “clicking” or making funny noises.

Use CCleaner to clean the Registry Files :-


Download ccleaner

Use Windows Repair (All In One) to repair all the windows program :- 

Download Now

Hope it will solve your problem.

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