Match Colors Between Images in Photoshop


Match Colors Between Images in Photoshop :-

Photoshop is my one of the favorite software that i loves to work on it. it,s really helpful for me in my blogging job & some official work.

Today i am going to Show you How to Match Colors Between Images in Photoshop.

The Match Color adjustment introduced in Photoshop CS is a powerful tool for matching colors between two images.

First Image :-

Match Colors Between Images in Photoshop

Second Image :-

So lets Start, Now open your both picture in Photoshop. and make Duplicate layer ( Ctrl +J ) for each copy.

Now select your First picture where you want to add other pictures color. Now go to Image Option > Select Adjustment > then select the Match Color Option.

Now in the source option and choose your second picture. In Image option you have the option for adjust the Luminance and Color Intensity of a picture.

Now your image is ready.

Match Colors Between Images in Photoshop

Enjoy your match color picture.

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