How to Perform a DOS attack on a Website (LOIC Tool) ?

DOS stand for Denial of Services is an attempt to make a machine or network resources unavailable for legitimate users.

What is LOIC Tool ?

A LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) is one of the most powerful DOS attacking tools freely available. If you follow news related to hacking and security issues, you doubtless have been hearing about this tool for the past several months. It has become widely used, including in some highly-publicized attacks against the PayPal, Mastercard and Visa servers a few months back.

This tool was also the weapon of choice implemented by the (in)famous hacker group, Anonymous, who have claimed responsibility for many high profile hacking attacks, among them, hacks against Sony, the FBI and other US security agencies. The group not only used this tool, but also requested that others download it and join Anonymous attacks via IRC.

Today i am going to Show you How easily you can check out Your Website is Vulnerable to DOS attack or not ?

Open your Backtrack terminal and type

root@bt:~#aptitude install git-core monodevelop

How to Perform a DOS attack on a Website (LOIC Tool)

Now create a One folder name as loic and use wget to download the file

root@bt:~# cd /root/Desktop                                                                      root@bt:~/Desktop# mkdir loic                                                                                 root@bt:~/Desktop#  cd loic                                                                                   root@bt:~/Desktop/loic# wget

How to Perform a DOS attack on a Website (LOIC Tool)

then enter the below command

again enter the below command

then enter the below command

Now enter the below command to open the LOIC tool

root@bt~/Desktop/loic#./ run

it will open your LOIC GUI tool, Now enter your website name click on the Lock on option and click on the IMMA option to start your attack. From the Method option select the protocol.

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