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Speedup Your Internet Browsing with Squid Cache Proxy Server

Speedup-Your-Internet-Browsing-with-Squid-Cache-Proxy-ServerSpeedup Your Internet Browsing with Squid Cache Proxy Server :-

Squid is a Unix-based proxy server that caches Internet content closer to a requestor than its original point of origin. You can also installed Squid proxy server on WIndows server also.

With Squid you can:-

● Use less bandwidth on your Internet connection when surfing the Web

● Reduce the amount of time web pages take to load

● Protect the hosts on your internal network by proxying their web traffic

● Collect statistics about web traffic on your network

● Prevent users from visiting inappropriate web sites at work or school

● Ensure that only authorized users can surf the Internet

● Enhance your user’s privacy by filtering sensitive information from web requests

● Reduce the load on your own web server(s)

● Convert encrypted (HTTPS) requests on one side, to unencrypted (HTTP) requests on the other

Caching frequently requested Web pages, media files and other content accelerates response time and reduces bandwidth congestion.

Squid’s job is to be both a proxy and a cache. As a proxy, Squid is an intermediary in a web transaction. It accepts a request from a client, processes that request, and then forwards the request to the origin server. The request may be logged, rejected, and even modified before forwarding.

As a cache, Squid stores recently retrieved web content for possible reuse later.Subsequent requests for the same content may be served from the cache, rather than contacting the origin server again. You can disable the caching part of Squid if you like, but the proxying part is essential.

In my previous article i wrote about  DNS Hacks for Faster Web Browsing .

Today i am going to show you How to speedup your internet browsing with Squid Cache Proxy server.

Download Squid Server for Windows  and create a squid folder in the C directory and paste the contents of squid in the C:/Squid folder. You must be login in as Administrator.


Now open the C:\Squid\etc folder and rename the files and remove the .default extension from all files like below image.


Now open the command prompt and enter the following command.

cd c:\squid\sbin

c:\squid\sbin>sbin -i

c:\squid\sbin>squid -z


These command will install squid as service and cache folder in the var directory.

Now open the windows services with services.msc with run command.


Now you need to be configure the Proxy setting in the Internet explorer setting. Open the Internet properties with inetcpl.cpl command on the Run menu. Go to the connections tab > Lan Setting > In the Proxy server setting enter the address as localhost or IP-address of your server PC and port as 3128.


Now when you open a site, you will get the access-denied error due to explicit denied acl by default .


Nothing to worry about it. Open the Squid.config ( c:\squid\etc) file with notepad or notepad++ application. change the http_access deny all to http_access allow all .


and restart the squid services from the services.msc. You also need to create firewall rule to allow the incoming traffic.

Below mentioned video by digitallab will be help you to understand this process more .

Only one thing you need to be do after this configuration to add the dns name-server for Squid that will really improve the Internet browsing speed.

Open the Squid config file with Notepad++ and find dns_nameserver option.


A list of IP addresses can be passed to this directive or several IP addresses can be written on different lines like the following:-

The previous configuration lines will set the name servers to,,


Check my article Speed up Your Internet Browsing with Fastest Available Public DNS to find out the fastest available dns server.

This technique is really effective for me. try it.

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This Method will really improve your browsing speed. You can even control the internet of whole LAN.

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