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Test Your Internet Connection Bandwidth

Test Your Internet Connection Bandwidth

Test Your Internet Connection Bandwidth ?

What is Bandwidth ?

The Internet consists of tens of millions of computers throughout the world, all connected by cables. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that has a very high-speed (and very expensive) connection to the Internet. Your ISP makes its money by renting little “chunks” of that high-speed connection to consumers who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars each month for an Internet connection.

 If you’ve ever wondered why it takes so long to download certain Web pages or other files to your computer, it’s all determined by the bandwidth of the connection between your computer and your Internet Service Provider. Which is to say, it all hinges on that wire connecting your computer to your modem to your ISP. That connection is often referred to as the last mile

Most of the time ISP’s are not providing the speed what they promise.                                      Today i am going to show you how easily you can measure your internet speed ?

Open and click on the Start tab to start your measurment

Test Your Internet Connection Bandwidth

Within minute it will show you your internet speed.

My internet speed is showing very high speed because i am using 100 mbps fiber optics connection.

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