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10 Reasons You Should Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to get writing and be seen. It is a safe and fun way to express yourself. Blogging may also help you become a published author, as it has done for many others before.

Blogging can also be a good way to learn the art of digital marketing and copywriting. When blogging, you can assess your audience and produce content accordingly and this can easily make you a sought-after person in the digital marketing arena. 

Here are the top ten reasons why you should start a blog.


One of the best reasons to start a blog is that it builds confidence. You get to control the process and it allows you to express yourself in a safe space. You also get to meet new people and share ideas within your limits.


Blogging is like writing in a diary. Using a blog to express yourself and get ideas and advice from others is one of the great reasons to blog. But don’t forget to use Studyclerk with percentage to check your posts. Additionally, you can use a nickname or screen name to hide your identity.

If you have ever needed advice or information but were too afraid to ask, a blog can help you get there. Asking a question to your readers and followers can help you find what you were looking for without fear of judgment or reproach.


You may still be asking yourself, “Why start a blog?” If increased confidence and the ability to ask anything without being judged isn’t convincing enough, maybe a few dollars can convince you.

Blogging can become an exciting career. You can use your blog to earn money by reviewing products or advertising for others. This requires a little bit of hard work, but if you love writing, it can be rewarding. 

Having a strong writing background from blogging can help you earn extra money. The expert writers working at the writing services make good money by providing students with thesis, dissertation and other writing assignments. As mentioned before, blogging might even help you become a published author!

There’s a community

The blogging community is full of wonderful people. Bloggers are like a family – once you’re in, you’re loved. They love having others to interact with and share ideas. It is one of the most welcoming communities available online.

Develop your technological skills

It is easy to learn basic technical skills while blogging. From picture editing and page layouts to basic coding and SEO writing, blogging has a lot to teach you.

You can also easily learn about social media management and marketing when you self-promote to increase engagement and views on your posts.

Be in the one percent

There is a rule about the internet: only one percent of online users create new content. The other 99 percent simply view it.

By creating a blog, you become part of that special one percent. You are producing new content that the rest of the world can view and share. Your mom always told you that you were special. Now you truly can be.

It’s like a resume

Blogging about a topic you’re an expert in provides many opportunities. Readers can be informed, and potential employers can see just how knowledgeable you are.

Posting to a blog does not only have to be a social exercise. You can use these writings to show your network what you know and could get you hired in your ideal field. Proving your expertise has never been simpler.

Build discipline

Blogging can make you more disciplined. When you consider starting a blog, it is important to think about how often you will post. Despite what you might think, people are interested in what you have to say. To keep them around, you need to post frequently.

Having a schedule helps you stay accountable. People are waiting to see what you say next. Don’t let them down.

Become famous

Whether we admit it or not, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. By blogging, you can be famous for the rest of your life.

Creating an engaging blog about a popular topic – or leading an interesting lifestyle – can gain you many fans and followers. While being internet famous may not feel as important as being a movie star, remember that you are immortalized in text. There will always be written evidence of how popular you are and it can be validating.

It’s a hobby

It is difficult to find a hobby that you can afford. People often have no time and even less money. However, if you have a Smartphone and a few minutes to spare, blogging can become your hobby.

You do not need any special classes or expensive equipment to start a blog. You can even do it without leaving your bed!


Blogging was once a way for angsty teens to vent their frustrations to the world, but it is now a popular way to promote business. There is plenty of room for self-expression when blogging and it can even help you progress your career. Blogging is an easy-to-begin hobby or a career where you set the rules. Either way, you can meet new people and have fun while being exactly who you wish to be.