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10 Types of Social Media and How Each Can Benefit Your Business

Social media channels has always given businesses an intrinsic lead to make their voice bigger in the market. As these channels provide businesses an empowering strategy to reach their customers at the ground level. Because getting potential leads from the market means getting potential customers, and that could be exclusively done by reaching them at that level from where their needs are risen. Hence social media channels provides that elusive advantage to marketers to reach their aspired audience target, and that is why more and more businesses are making their presence hugely known on the medium.

So below listed are the top 10 social media channels which are known as essentials for any brand to make their business get wider outreach in the market. As the list is rightly compiled with those platforms which could be creatively optimized to enhance your business leads and to organize its operations more among others.

Whether you are looking to build your brand on Facebook or find your own Twitter followers, knowing some basic information about all the different platforms will help you to create a holistic strategy for marketing.


Facebook is known to be the biggest social media platform in the circuit according to number of registered users and brands on it. Since its inception in 2004, the platform has taken a huge lead in terms of grasping audience and business from all over the world.

The biggest advantage of making your business visible on Facebook is that, it gets interacted with millions of users online, which generally gives it an edge to gain more customers especially the targeted ones to make clients pool more precised and accurate.


Twitter is also known as one of the biggest social media platform operative right now in the industry. Because it engrossed with wide stack of audiences from different niches, who incorporate with each other through a very unique feature called Hashtags like Tony Stark Hoodie. The feature lets you to create newer trends according to the latest news in the market, allowing people from different classes to give their input on that particular scenario.

So looking at its advantage for the business side, twitter is known to be the platform which holds verified account for many brands. As businesses do look for trusted customers on this platform, to enhance their brand awareness, relationship building and other traits to gain competitive advantage in the market.


LinkedIn is listed in the category of those social media platforms which are used precisely for the professional norms. As it is the elusive trait of this platform that it is much regarded for being a professional network where many businesses and organizations do look to sustain themselves in order to make coordination with other brands and businesses.

So what makes LinkedIn a perfect place for businesses to get operative is that it gives them the ease to incorporate with the other brands in the market, know their riveting services and get optimized with their way of functioning in the circuit.


Pinterest is highly ranked as the top platform to discover, save and share emerging contents and news in the market. As it is a typical media sharing platform, where from banners to infography are displayed and shared among the users, making it a perfect place to discover newer visual contents each day.

So keeping its base on the visualization, Pinterest becomes as an essential platform for business marketers to show their services and operations in the pictographic manner. Which eventually enhances the lead generation because it is a known fact that people are more likely to get interacted towards those things which shows its compelling visual appearance.


Much like of the Pinterest, Instagram could be also be ranked in the list of top media sharing platforms. As Instagram is known to be that complete unique platform, where you can share your social instances just in the form of pictures and videos. But despite of it, the platform has still wide followership and is known to be one of the top emerging platforms in the recent times.

So briefing its impact on the business circuit, Instagram plays a huge role for those corporate brands who wants to pitch their ideas in the pictorial form. As the platform is widely used for sharing visual content, and that is what those marketers look for to broadcast their services and products in the form of effective visualization.


Reddit is a forum based social platform, where people from all around the world meetup to discuss their social issues as well as to share latest trending news. It is one of the most followed and high ranked social forum on the web, which engrossed with many registrations of the online users. So elaborating its business advantage for the marketers, Reddit gives them the ease discover the hot trending news in the market, by which they pitch the particular class of people depending on their needs and requirements.


Yelp is a popular social platform which is generally used to gather product/services reviews and evaluations. It gives flawless ease for the marketers to list their products on the website and gather its valued assessment from different class of customers. Which eventually gives riveting ease to the brand owners to know the intrinsic value of their products. As making it much comfortable for them to know all the pits and falls of it in order to optimize it much more according to the market needs.


Snapchat is also one of the emerging platforms in the social media circuit, which is highly regarded by many individuals as an adequate place to share and discover different types of visual content. As the platform is much popular because of its live streaming option, which is creatively intrigued with the unique feature of opting different augmented filters in it.

What it provides businesses is that, it gives them a unique advantage to interact customers with the elusive live video feature which gives businesses a defining solution to incorporate live events and outcast their products and services with it.


YouTube has always remained as the one highly entrancing platform where many people from around the world do come across to share different niches of videos. As the platform is been regarded as a one infinite place where you can share vast variety of videos based on their targeted outreach goals.

So it obviously brings a huge opportunity to the marketers to share their own aspired video content, to gain meticulous edge of having higher views and engagements. Which eventually gives those businesses a unique advantage of having prolific brand interactions to finally build up their potential customers’ pool from it.


Talking about the importance of content marketing, it is a known fact that this domain plays a huge part in making any brand bigger in its outreach, and for that many social channels are exactly dedicated for the same task. So Tumblr comes first in that list, as the top publishing platform where you can share your ideas in the form of strong content to engage more and more people with it.

Hence Tumblr becomes as a one essential platform for those businesses who wants to revitalize their content marketing operations, and want to gain riveting leads with it. As it is a one powerful domain which gives brands a strong voice to integrate their conventional marketing efforts into the more compact content marketing extensions Just like Movies Jacket.


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