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10 Ways to Use Short Videos on Social Networks

Do you promote business in social networks, but the result is not perfect? Why is that?

For your SMM to work fine, you need to introduce new types of marketing into your channel actively. Do you know that the trend of social networks is short videos? Video content attracts the attention of subscribers, promotes the brand and increases sales.

Let’s understand why short videos are so cool and how to use them correctly so that marketing in social networks brings results.

Why short videos are great

You probably know that more than half of people (65%, to be exact) are visuals. Add to them another 30% of audials and get 95% of subscribers who prefer video to an article.

Users of social networks get too much information daily; the time of their concentration is rapidly decreasing. Therefore, when creating clips, length plays an important role. The faster and easier the content is, the higher the chance of attracting the attention of subscribers. Short videos have time to interest the user before they scroll the newsfeed further.

Growing Subscribers’ Engagement

According to HubSpot, 55% of users watch videos on social networks to the end – this is the best indicator among all types of content. Short videos are just a double win for your SMM.

Short videos are gaining 1200% more reposts than posts with text and pictures. And likes and shares increase the organic reach of publications and raise brand awareness in social networks.

The perfect short video attracts attention, interests, and most importantly, it makes users want to learn more about your business. Add a link to your website or add an interactive button and you will notice an increase in traffic from social networks.

Growing trust in your business

Video content makes the brand closer to potential customers. Short and memorable videos convey your values to the audience, solve problems, teach, motivate and even amuse. All this in the future builds an open and trusting relationship with subscribers.

Conversion and sales growth

70% of marketers and entrepreneurs believe that video brings more conversions than any other content.

Put a clear call to action, and a short video will convert more potential customers into real buyers. This will not slow down the sales since video marketing increases the profits of companies by 49% per year compared to those who do not use it.

What should you pay attention to when creating a video?


You already know that the less time a person spends watching a video, the better it works. What is the optimal length of the video in social networks?

According to the data, the optimal length of the video is up to 2 minutes.


Quality is also a vital characteristic of a video. More than half of the respondents (namely, 58%) admitted that they lose their patience and turn off the video if the quality does not suit them.

To create high-level video content, it is not necessary to use a photo studio, super-enhanced cameras, special effects, and professional actors. You can shoot short and high-quality videos even on your smartphone. The main thing is to understand what you want to show, as well as to know the basic rules of shooting and editing. For simple video editing, you can use a free utility from Freemake. With the help of it, you can make simple changes like cutting unnecessary video parts, rotating a video or cropping the black bars. Click here for more info.

Call to action

Competent call to action is the link between the video and the useful action that you expect from the subscriber. You can shoot awesome videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. But if you do not explain what the next step is after viewing, then you will make a serious mistake.

Ask to comment on the publication, go to the site, register, or make a call. Develop a relationship with a potential customer to convert them into a real one.

Top 3 platforms for posting short videos

Today, video content format is supported by all popular social networks. But this does not mean that you can create a video and publish it everywhere. Each platform has features that should be considered for your SMM to work.

Let’s look at three websites where the video will bring the maximum result.


Facebook is the most effective channel for promoting through video. It’s 8.4 times more efficient than others. The autostart function also played its role in this.

Here are some insights for introducing short videos on Facebook:

According to Digiday, 85% of videos are viewed without sound. So make sure your video is clear even without an audio track. Or add subtitles.

Facebook ranks its videos higher than the links. The uploaded video will get ten times more reach than the link to the video hosting.

People comment on live inclusions ten times more often than regular videos. Popular live videos last an average of 20 minutes. In such a format, it is good to show preparation for events, answer questions or promptly share something interesting with subscribers.

Panoramic 360 ° video allows you to change the viewing angle when watching. 36% of users admit that all-around videos attract them more often than regular videos. In this format, it is good to shoot locations – office, store, venue. But note that you need a special camera for shooting.


Instagram is an excellent place for growing your business. Competing for the attention of subscribers has become more difficult. It is essential that the video content is concise and catchy. Appeal to emotions – intrigue, bewitch, laugh, provoke and entertain.

Length plays a key role in creating content for Instagram. Short videos can be uploaded as a normal video or as a disappearing story format (10 seconds). A live broadcast (also disappearing, by the way) can be conducted up to 1 hour.


YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world after Google. This platform specializes in videos, so the requirements for the quality of the video here are higher than in other social networks. But the length is not so important – by opening YouTube, the user is ready to spend time here.

Here are some things to keep in mind when uploading a video to YouTube:

  • Offer the most useful content: educational videos, reviews, etc.
  • Make sure the movie engages from the very first seconds.
  • Work on the name that will reflect the user’s request.
  • Make a qualitative description – it will attract target viewers.
  • Select the eye-catching frame for the screensaver.

Competent entrepreneurs are already using video content for social media marketing. Start creating a cool short video, and you will see how effective your SMM can be.


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