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5 Benefits of Using LED Lighting in Hotels

The comfort and accommodation of the hotels will never be enough without the use of any types of lighting. In a modern world, where every customer expects you to give only the things they need best, lighting will always be the #1 factor that is essential for the success of your hotel.

Surely you can choose from the wide range of lightings you can purchase online or in the market today to give enough lighting ambiance for your hotel. However, have you ever wondered if these lightings are really good for your business? Whatever may be your answer, you should assess the lightings used in your hotel.

The use of LED lightings is the best lighting solution for your hotel. Why is this so? LED lights have a whole lot of features that differ from other traditional lightings. Their features have several benefits, which some of them are further discussed below. Check them out now!

1.   Energy Efficient

LED lights are energy efficient. It means that they use less electricity than traditional lightings like fluorescent or incandescent lights. They are believed to produce 95% light and 5% heat which is way better than the 5% light and 95% heat produced by traditional lightings. We know that the electric bills you received for your hotels are costly due to the convenience of the services you want to give to your customers.

Every part of the hotel must have lightings to have a clearer view of the pathways, doorways, reception area, and the likes. And by using LED lights, you will not only save energy consumption but will also save yourself from paying costly electric bills.

Remember that these LED lights are energy efficient, which reduces the heat they produce. So if there is not much heat produced, the more your customer will feel comfortable and won’t even ask for more powered air-conditioning.

2.   Colors and Designs

It is no longer new to everybody that a hotel should contain beautiful colors and designs. It is one way of attracting customers to check in. So, if the lobby or the outside of the hotel is glamorous, the more comforting it will be for your customers to enter. They will surely think that if the exterior part of your hotel is so cool, how much more will the interior design be?

This is the part where the use of LED lights should enter the scene. LED lights are available in different colors and designs. You can easily add them not just to illuminate your hotel, but to give them a different kind of twist. Design lightings such as chandeliers are one of the best examples of lightings you can have at the lobby or reception area of your hotel.

Additionally, you can use each season of the year as a theme for your hotel with the use of different types of LED color lightings. You can even customize the temperature of the hotels by using LED light strips and changing their colors to your desired ambiance, may it be romantic, sexy, and many more mood switching.

It is also essential that you ask for professional help when matching the colors and designs, for you not to overdo the look of your hotel. You can hire any interior or exterior designer to get the best combination of these things.

3.   Eco-Friendly

One thing that can help you make your hotel stand-out among the rest of your competitors is the used of things which are eco-friendly. LED lightings are one of the best examples of eco-friendly LED lights   that is not only good to save energy consumption, but also for a greener environment.

How come LED lights are eco-friendly, unlike traditional lights? Simple. LED lightings use less energy. This means that power plants sourced for electricity will not produce more radiation that causes air pollution and damages to the ozone layer.


Little did everyone know that most of the people are now more interested in the things that save the environment. They will be more fascinated if the hotel they are about to check in is also in common with their view of greener pasture.

4.   Lighting Capability (Dimmable)

Just like the lighting capabilities of LED lightings discussed above, dimmers are an addition to their features. Only LED lights can be installed with a dimmer to control the ambiance or the setting of the lights you used in your hotel. Dimmers will let you have full access of the lights from brightening them to low lighting or any type of ambiance which will suit best for your guests.

Adding dimmer for your LED lights is vital to showcase to your guests the correct paths and instructions of your hotel. Furthermore, it will save you from buying more LED lights just to change the ambiance or mood of lightings in your hotel.

5.   Durability

If we’ll talk about durability, nothing can compare to the sturdiness of LED lights among traditional lights. They can work in any type of season, whether you place them indoor or outdoor. Their features if giving off 5% heat is a big advantage to your lighting hotel needs as you might be needing your lights 24/7, without having doubts that they might overheat.


It is the best time to switch your lighting needs from traditional to LED lightings! With all the benefits you can get from the LED lights mentioned above, you can be confident that your hotels can never go wrong in conveniently providing the highest quality service for your guests!


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