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5 red flags to look out for when choosing a web hosting provider

When searching for a web hosting provider, it is very easy to overlook the red flags of the hosting provider you want to subscribe to. There is an endless list of web hosting providers, all claiming to deliver the same services for very responsible prices.

As a first-timer it can seem challenging to spot the scams from the real deal. But actually, it is not that complicated you do not need to be a professional or have extensive knowledge to separate the good hosting providers from the bad. There are only a few indicating factors that you must look out for when choosing a web hosting company, and luckily you can find all of them in this article.


A major red flag you cannot miss is server downtime. Server downtime is the amount of time your website is going to be offline, usually in a one-year period. Server downtime can occur due to maintenance, updates, resets, and other IT-related tasks.

Currently, the industry standard for hosting providers is up to 99.9% server uptime. This means if you find a hosting provider that offers less than 99.9% uptime, it is a red flag, and you should avoid it. If want a super good provider, check out this Liquid Web hosting review, and you will see that they have 100% uptime.

Lack of Security

Crucial security features that all web hosting providers must offer are DDoS protection, spam filters, and SSL certificates. Some web hosting providers include them free in their hosting plans, and others impose a certain fee for their usage. Either way, make sure you choose a web hosting provider that offers these mandatory security features. A provider that does not offer them at all is a major red flag.

Lack of customer support

Good customer support is an important factor for any web hosting provider. Good customer support should resolve any technical issues you might experience or offer you help so you can resolve them on your own. An excellent way to test the customer support of a hosting provider is to test it yourself.

So, look up the support methods that the provider offers and see how they help their actual customers. Make sure you do not choose a web hosting provider with no live support, especially if you lack the skills to solve technical issues on your own. A knowledgeable database is not always enough, is good to have live support were a real person that can help you.

Hidden Fees

Probably the most common red flag of any web hosting provider out there. However, also the easiest to spot. Before you sign any kind of contract with any kind of web hosting provider, make sure you read the fine print and look for any hidden fees before making a purchase. The most common hidden fees are for extending your contract, fees to terminate it, or higher prices after your first year of hosting. Good research will prevent you from paying hidden fees, so make sure you read reviews from previous users.

Geographically Concentrated Data Centers

Last but not least are data centers. You might be wondering why data centers would be so important. The answer is actually very simple everything that happens online is housed in a data center. The closer the data center, the better the overall performance of your website. If the web hosting provider has geographically concentrated data centers, users from certain parts of the world will experience difficulties when using your site. This can affect your business reputation and drive off customers. 


Finding a good hosting provider is not an easy task, but if you avoid the above-mentioned things, you will be good to go. Now that you know what to look for, you can start your search! 


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