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5 Tips on how to Improve Your YouTube Video Performance Quickly

YouTube is the biggest video marketing and promotional platform in the world and its effectiveness for marketing, popularity, and reach are growing every day. With a presence in over 80 countries and an audience of over 1.5 billion, the potential benefits are huge if you create the right video to maximize views for YouTube.

With so many players present on YouTube, how do you get noticed in the crowd and how do you reach more viewers?

Well, apart from getting it right at the outset when making the video, we shall share with you 5 tips on how to improve your YouTube video performance quickly to attract more viewers. YouTube has provided many features to enable people and businesses to optimize videos for more conversions, subscriptions, and views and you need to make the most of them

How to improve your YouTube video performance quickly

Research the target audience and promote

Understanding your audience is key to YouTube success– you need to know what they need and what they are asking. A successful video is simply the one which is able to identify these needs and questions and offers solutions and answers effectively.

Additionally, promote your videos in places the target market frequents- Google Analytics can assist you to find the places where your target segment is on social platforms. If they are on Twitter, promote your YouTube channel there and even go further by doing a blog about your content and embed the videos in your blog.

Create a brand and signature

Just like offline branding, your videos require branding online so that your viewers know how to find you and what they will expect when they watch your videos. Branding here simply means a predictable video style.

Good branding ensures reliability with the audience and boosts your visibility on YouTube. Have a logo, image or watermark to quickly identify your video with and which will highlight the content and message. YouTube Analytics tracks and quickly give you a report on the performance of your watermark.

A strong Call to Action (CTA)

A strong CTA is a good tool for improving video performance and for generating views for YouTube. Generate more leads and attract traffic by asking your viewers to share the video, visit your website, or watch more videos. Direct viewers to your CTA by using directional cues or arrows to catch their attention. Cues can be arrows or photos to entice viewers to an immediate response.

Add video annotations and CTA overlays

Catchy video annotations can improve performance on YouTube by enticing viewers to watch more and to subscribe to your channel. The positioning of an annotation is important as well; since most viewers watch videos for a short time if the annotation is not well positioned, they will click out.

CTA overlays refer to adverts placed on YouTube videos which require that you have a Google AdWords account and the overlays are reviewed by the Google AdWords program. These are the ads you see at the bottom when the video starts playing and are shown until the viewer chooses to close the ads. For this to work, ensure that you have linked your YouTube account to the AdWords account.

Subtitles and closed captions

Having relevant subtitles and closed caption which incorporate keywords enables the video to reach a wider audience because it is easier to find and much more likely to be picked during a search. YouTube has a feature for automatic subtitling and for or closed captioning (CC) but you are better off drafting your own captions and subtitles and there are tools to assist with this.


Here are our 5 tips on how to improve your YouTube video performance quickly; by implementing these strategies, you will be bettering your chances of increasing viewership and ultimately getting more subscriptions and conversions.

Create an effective YouTube promotional campaign to increase views for YouTube videos by using these tactics. Get people who watch your videos to the end and to get them to share it further for more visibility online and for marketing success.

Try these tips and reap the proven benefits to you and your audience.


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