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5 Working Strategies for Contestants to Win Contests in 2019

Winning contest with more votes require a few right steps to your plan in order to avoid issues from contest admin. These steps will be like spending lot of time in your online phone games. It starts from finding right contests to join. To pick a right contest to join, you need to check many factors. Here are few of the factors to keep in mind when you select a contest.

  • Find the contest creators contact information. Connect them with your questions. Once you get fast proper response, you may note the contest as good one.
  • You should find answer to the following question. Which country based voting is allowed? If your contest allows votes from particular state/country, you have to target them with relevant places.
  • Some contests allow contestants to get votes from any country. This type contest is easy to advertise on social media sites like Facebook.
  • Speed of the contest server is very important when you try to get lot votes in a particular time.
  • The contest duration time shouldn’t longer than a month. When the contest duration is lengthy, you have to keep leading over that time. It may cost you more money.

So at the time of contest choosing, follow these above mentioned factors to save your money. It’s time to look the 5 working strategies for contestants to win contests in 2019.

1. Look at contest analytics 

How to check contest analytics? For which contest we should check analytics? Are these two questions pop up when you read the word contest analytics? Great! Your answers are here:

– After you choose the contest to join you have to check the contests previous winners. You have to find how they won prizes, with how many votes leading.

– Is the contest winner is same person for all contests? If your answer is YES, you have to search for his social media profiles. He may have popular social media pages or he might hire social media influencer to gather votes.

– Are last contests run with same contest type? If they conducted IP voting last two times, you can make setup to get more IP votes. Once you confirm the number of votes you need to win, you can start vote promotion steps to win contests.

– It is essential to find how many prizes were issued to the winners. These analytics can help you to win any new contests of the particular contest creator.

2. Find your audience to share contest link 

You may have business online. For your business, how you gather traffic? I mean from which medium you are getting visitors to your business. Some marketers get traffic from Google in two ways. First way is through organic search results with perfect SEO. The second way is advertising with Google Ad Words. Similarly find which platform helps you to get more targeted visitors.

Let’s say you are gathering traffic for your business from your website. So write new topic with relevant pictures also include your contest link and steps to cast vote. Since you give top contents to your audience regularly, they will surly give their votes for your contest entry.

3. Increase followers count on your social media 

Having popular social media page not only help you to win contest also it helps to get numerous benefits. Increasing followers count can’t be done in 1 day. It requires a lot of steps to do over time. Here are few points to remember:

– Post quality content on regular basis.

– Share the content on all other social media platform pages.

– You can find relevant niche groups on Facebook. By joining to that niche targeted groups, you can get super benefits.

–  Share your new content link on those groups. It gives more visitors to your business page. When you give valuable content on your social media page then visitors love to follow and like your social media page.

– Continue the process over 6 months to get 1000 plus real followers on your social media page. If you need more followers, keep posting quality content regularly.

– When you have 3000 active followers on your page, you can easily gather 1000 plus votes for your contest in 1 day.

4. Create a team to do tasks

Use your family and friends to find ideas to promote your contests. Make a meet with them to get idea. There is a chance you can get if they may have experience with online contests. After gathering ideas from your friends, test them one by one to find the working method.

If you have no time to arrange your friends and family meet, just hire professional on freelancer platforms. Tell your requirements with them to get ideas to win contests.

Compare prices over all the freelancers and choose the right one who agrees to give the ultimate support.

5. Buy votes for your contests

A simple Google search for buy votes will give you top 10 relevant results of voting agencies. Contact them with your contest link and get direction to win contests.

Once you compare the pricing, read the reviews of the voting agencies over internet. If all seems fine, you can buy contest votes from them to win contests.

We can see that many contestants use voting agencies to get quick votes. To get success with this method, you have to make the votes as real coming. If your provider fails to give real look to the votes, you may disqualify from the contest. So choose your voting agency carefully.

Follow these above 5 working strategies for your contests and win prizes as you want! Also kindly share us the working methods you follow to win contests in the comment area.

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