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6 Most Common Android Smartwatch Issues and How to Fix Them

Smartwatches, in general, are truly amazing with its great features. A huge step up to the standard watches that we wear. However, just like with other electronic devices, common issues will always be present — can’t connect to wifi, can’t download applications, etc. 

Now, if you’re running into some issues with your Android smartwatch, then don’t worry. You’re not alone. This article will give you a list of the 7 most common problems attacking Android Wear users. Not only that, along with the problems listed are the solutions on how to fix them. 

Problem 1: Will Not Connect to Phone 

This is commonly what most users are experiencing. Their Wear OS won’t detect their smartphone. Therefore, ensure your phone is compatible with your smartwatch. 


  • Restart your phone and smartwatch.
  • Go to Google Play Store app, tap Menu and select My apps. Ensure that Google Search, Google Play Services, and Wear OS are all up to date. 
  • If your watch is connected previously, go to the Wear OS app on your phone. Then tap Menu > click Disconnect and then hit Menu again, then Connect
  • Go to Settings then Apps, and look for the Wear OS app on your phone. Then, click on Clear cache
  • Another thing is that you can also reset your watch’s factory setting. Settings > System > Disconnect and readjust the watch part.  

Problem 2: OS Keeps on Crashing 

A lot of Android Wear users have been experiencing application crashes randomly. An error message like “Unfortunately, Android Wear has stopped” or  “Unfortunately, Wear OS has stopped”. Issues like this can be intermittent or frequent with no apparent reason why. However, these are some potential solutions you can try. 


  • Ensure that the Wear OS app is updated. This is done by opening up the Google Play Store and tapping the menu logo, then go to My apps. 
  • Ensure that you have the latest updates from Google. Go to Settings > About > System Updates. 
  • You can delete the connection, uninstall the Wear OS app, reinstall it, and set the connection up again. 

Problem 3: Unable to Connect to WiFi 

Some users have had problems connecting directly to WiFi on their Android smartwatch devices. Also, not all of Wear OS watches support Wifi, so better ask your manufacturer. 


  • If your device surely supports WiFi, then go ahead and access Settings on your smartwatch. After, go to Privacy and Personal Data > enable Cloud sync. Then go to Settings > Connectivity > WiFi and ensure Automatic is enabled. Saved networks can also be checked there, and add additional ones if you want. 

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Problem 4: Voice Command Issue 

Some users of Wear OS app have encountered with voice command issues. They are expecting it to associate it with an app, however, it just goes to Google search. This often happens when a user tries to set up a reminder, launch an app, or set an alarm. 


  • Go to Settings > Search language on your phone. Set the language to English (US) and check if it fixes it. 
  • In case you’re signed up for the beta Google app, this version can be the cause of the problem. Install a steady build of Google app, this can alleviate the issue. 

Problem 5: Cannot Install Google Play Music 

Some users have reportedly been unable to install the Google Play Music application on their Android smartwatch. The app will not appear when users try to search for it on Google Play Store. 


  • On your phone, go to Settings > Your smartwatch and Resync apps
  • If you’ve previously used Google Play Music on your previous app access, then open Google Play Store > Apps you’ve recently used. You can find and install the Google Play Music application from there. 

Problem 6: Unable to Download Apps 

Some users have issues downloading applications or updates from their Wear OS device’s Play Store. The download will not continue, rather it displays a “Download pending” message, and it is stuck there. 


  • Turn off WiFi on your Android smartwatch — Settings > Connectivity > WiFi and turn it off. 
  • Go to Settings then tap on your smartwatch name, then tap on Resync apps. 
  • You can also do this step. Go to Settings > Apps on your phone > Google Play Store, then tap on Storage > Clear data and Clear cache. You will need to repeat the process for Wear OS and Google Play services found in Settings then Apps list. 
  • If the above possible solutions don’t work then it is time for you to reset your factory setting. On your Android smartwatch, go to Settings > System, then Disconnect and reset. You will then need to uninstall the Android smartwatch OS application on your smartphone. 

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Device issues are pretty much common regardless of the type of operating system used. That being said, Android smartwatches are no exception. So whenever you encounter any of the problems listed above, it won’t be that challenging anymore. The solutions listed will surely be of great help. Otherwise, you can always seek assistance from the manufacturer as well. 

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