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Accessing Internet with Residential VPN is the Safest Way to Browse the Web and Tuxler is the Best Free Residential VPN Software!

Each computer and wifi network has its own issues regarding security and privacy – particularly in today’s climate of hacking and security breaches. Using one of the best VPN services safeguards you to retain your digital privacy, while also letting for other great features like accessing geo-restricted content and circumventing censorship.

However, most of the users when selecting VPN apps are not aware that they are not safe. The “regular VPNs” are called data center VPNs. The data center VPNs are very easy to detect and block, any website can do it nowadays, so it’s value is really limited and blocks are becoming more and more prevalent. As many users are already shifting away and numerous tech websites are recommending a new safer VPNs, we wanted to recommend you a great software and one of the currently best VPN software – a residential VPN.

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What is Residential VPN?

Most people don’t have a clue what residential VPN is. This type of VPN offers the only real anonymity by using VPN servers. With residential VPNs you don’t browse from VPN data center that can be detected, but instead as a real user without worrying that you may be detected and your privacy compromised.

It provides good access to worldwide IPs, we are the first and the largest residential VPN at the moment. The chrome extension and software is called Tuxler.

How to use?

This Extension requires Tuxler Application to work. After installing this extension, you will be directed to Application installation process. It’s also on secure Chrome Web Store and it easily installs with just one click.

Using this app is easy and there is amazing number of world-wide locations. As a user you can even select a specific city. It’s light and you will not even feel it while using it. Download for free on the Chrome Store.