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All you need to know about reseller hosting

In the world of web hosting or hosting (as you prefer to call it), everyone can find all kinds of hosting plans and formats to use.

However, there is one in particular that is dedicated for those who wish to act as resellers.

It is precisely the Reseller hosting.

But how will I resell hosting if it’s not mine?

Well, this is basically the goal of the companies that offer the reseller hosting as an option.

And, for your information, we’ll try to explain the best way we can to let you know all about the details of reseller hosting in india, what it is, how it works, among other things.

What is reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting (also known as resale of web hosting or web hosting) is the business of selling file hosting for one or more websites providing access through the Internet.

There’s really no need of any previous knowledge to create hosting accounts or to even manage them.

That is because most plans out there come with the Web Hosting Manager (WHM) which is a friendly panel that allows you to manage all your cPanel accounts in a simple way with an article.

Who is Reseller Hosting for?

Reseller hosting plans are not usually for anybody.

And it’s not because you can’t buy or rent any, but because the purpose of it is that you can resell it.

Who would resell hosting?

Well, basically all those people who are dedicated to web design.

For example, anybody that likes to offer their customers a certain level of quality, with their own cpanel of those who do not want to host their domains in a mix of any shared server.

Or even, for people like you that are seeking to create their own company and sell web hosting, but just not enough for the purchase of servers due to the cost of its maintenance.

This way you could acquire a reseller hosting plan so you can resell hosting to your clients as if the servers were yours completely.

A few reseller hosting benefits

There are actually a lot of advantages you can get from a reseller host, some of them are:

  • Independence with clients.
  • The provider continues to give support.
  • The contracts are confidential.
  • You could create your own hosting plan.
  • Their prices a very customizable.
  • The initial investment is usually minimal.
  • There’s no need for physical space.
  • You could sell to anybody in the world!
  • Among other things.


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