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App of the Week: Rescue Bubble Shooter: Raccoon Popper Battle

App of the Week: Rescue Bubble Shooter: Raccoon Popper Battle:-

Rescue Bubble Shooter: Raccoon Popper Battle brings you another bubble shooter adventure filled with crazy difficult levels, boosters, amazingly challenging levels and tons of bubble pop fun. The raccoon bubble shooter puts you in the role of the hungry raccoon who is trying to pass all bubbles that are blocking him to get to the food. Help the cute raccoon to get to the green heaven filled with meals, food, treats.

???? 100 LEVELS

The journey of the raccoon starts easy. As you progress the raccoon will face with some really hard and challenging puzzle bubble pop shooter levels. Show great strategy, reaction and think fast to pass through even the toughest obstacles. The key is to predict & strategize and think fast. Can you pass all 100 levels and help the beautiful hungry raccoon get to the food?


Vibrant and widely entertaining, Rescue Bubble Shooter gives you an unmatchable & unforgettable bubble pop shooter adventure filled with crazy combos, boosters and different powerful balls that can be of amazing help when you are stuck on some hard level. From leaf ball and ice ball, to triple ball and water ball, you’ll be surprised by how powerful the bubble pop shooter balls can be! One of the most versatile and interesting balloons shooting games.


This amazing raccoon bubble pop shooter will add another challenge with the global leaderboard. Many think that they are bubble shooter specialists, but only one can become the best! Can you become the best in the world in this strategic and adventurous puzzle bubble pop game?

????Rescue Bubble Shooter: Raccoon Popper Battle

✅ 100 levels

✅ cool raccoon characters

✅ vibrant & exquisite HD graphics

✅ lovely sound effects

✅ boosters, combos & powerful balls

✅ global leaderboard

✅ free bubble pop shooting game


The raccoon can get to the abundance of food if you help him!

Start the ultra-fun journey of popping and shooting.

We guarantee hours of pure mobile gaming entertainment!


Download Rescue Bubble Shooter

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