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A 27 year Tech Geek and a blogger from India ( Bihar ) , live in New Delhi. I am MCITP , CEHv8 , CCNA , CCNA Security , CCNP Security , Security + and CCSA certified. Loves to write tech articles based on my real experiences.

TCP Protocol Summary

TCP Protocol Summary :-TCP provides a connection oriented, reliable, byte stream service. The term connection-oriented means the two applications using TCP must establish a...

Cisco Hierarchical Model

Cisco Hierarchical Model :-Cisco has defined a hierarchical model known as the hierarchical internetworking model. This model simplifies the task of building a reliable,...

TCP Data Packet Encapsulation

TCP Data Packet Encapsulation :-Each layer of the TCP/IP model adds its own header information. As the data travels down through the layers, it is...

Cabling Cisco Devices

Cabling Cisco Devices :-Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) is a cable that has four pairs of wires twisted inside it to eliminate electrical interference. UTP...

DDOS Attack Taxanomy

DDOS Attack Taxanomy :- Flood Attack :- In a flood attack, attackers send a very high volume of traffic to a system so it cannot examine...