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Why you should avoid these common WordPress misconceptions that could limit your business growth

Are you looking o set up a website for your brand and are having trouble finding the right one? There are a number of options available, with WordPress being the most preferred by both individuals and businesses. It started off as a blogging platform but has developed into the largest open source website builder in the internet, featuring up to a third of all websites. Every third website made today is built on the WordPress CMS.

There are a few common misconceptions about WordPress that tend to push away interested users who may wish to create a website on the platform. These are misguided, and could cause you to miss out on the best platform to grow your profile online. Here are some common misconceptions you should not believe.

WordPress is not actually free

WordPress is completely free to install and use. You will not be required to pay any hidden charges or subscription fees. It does include a number of premium themes and plugins, which users may be required to purchase. However, it also offers a variety of options for each one of these tools that are completely free. Some web hosting options will cost you a premium subscription, but there are free shared hosting options available as well. You will need to pay for your domain name, but this is a common expense across all CMSs. It is also a minimal charge, which can be as low as $1. Users only pay for features on WordPress that they are interested in using, and have access to a number of viable and trustworthy alternatives.

WordPress is insecure

As the largest website builder on the internet by capacity, WordPress is bound to be the most targeted by malicious attackers. Hackers make regular attempts to breach WordPress sites. The rate of success if very low, since WordPress regularly releases updated versions of the code, themes and plugins. There are also a number of tools to monitor report and protect your website against hackers. Your website will only be at risk  if you use malicious third party plugins, or leave your website vulnerable by failing to update your website as requires. If all aspects of your website are functioning optimally, no attack against your website will be successful.

WordPress has poor SEO

The Do’s And Don’ts of SEO in 2018

WordPress has the best SEO of any website builder available! I features minimalist themes and offer multifunction plugins to keep the total weight of your page low. It includes features such as social media integration, which are great tools for improving SEO. The layout is customizable, with users having the option to create a simple but appealing design without too much weight that may cause it to load slowly. WordPress also includes analytic tracking to help monitor user satisfaction, which can be used as a guide to improvement. All these factors are testament to the efforts made to improve SEO friendliness, and their impact in making WordPress the best SEO CMS available. If you are thorough with your plugin, content and posting policy, you could benefit from a great SEO ranking.

Why a WordPress development company could help you get it just right

You should hire a WordPress development company if you are not able to handle all the aspects of managing and customizing your website for better performance. Even if you know your way around the platform, it is still a great idea to seek professional help. These are a few reasons why you should consider hiring out the services.

You will not be fully able to create the best interface possible or choose the most intuitive functions to improve user experience on your website at the first time of asking, even when you are using plugins. Your website will look and feel good, but it could develop a bad reputation which might affect its performance for an extended amount of time. Experts know how to incorporate both code and plugin options, as well as judge which tools are best for your website.

A similarly big part of using the unique expert touch over the basic range of options available involves the use of themes and plugins. You will create a fully functional website, but will run the risk of being too generic and unappealing. Your website could be very low quality, and it will lack the personal touch that will help users relate it to your brand. While the stock option could still work, an original and creative variant will be more likely to attract and keep user interest in your website and business.

WordPress specialists will work to brand your website efficiently, which they will base off discussions with you. You will be more likely to have a website that is similar to your identity of the brand than what generic themes and plugins can offer. The specialists will be able to generate genuine and lasting SEO by optimizing all the aspects and creating a policy for posting, updating and plugin use. Your business will get much higher visits and better conversion rates by leaving it to the experts.

Getting WordPress just right can take some time, especially if you do not have any prior knowledge. You will need to get used to the platform and understand how to make tweaks to be able to fully customize your site, which can take a lot of time. For business owners with limited staff resources, this might cause a distraction from other business functions. Delegating o professionals will guarantee better likelihood of success over a shorter period of time. They could also observe the competition and base your brand’s online profile on the best combined features, which could give your business a competitive edge.

Final word

You can set up WordPress without any help. However, hiring professional service providers will help guarantee a successful set up quickly. It will also include other perks that could only be accrued by expert coders, which may give your business a competitive edge online. Instead of doing it all yourself, you could even consider hiring out only certain aspects of management and optimization and carry out the less sensitive tasks to gain a better understanding of the platform.


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