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Benefits of Using Managed IT Services for Your Business 

A managed IT service is an external company who can control, implement, and maintain the IT solutions of a small business. There are plenty of good reasons to use this service, especially if you are a company that is reliant on computer technology and internet access – which most competitive businesses should be. 

From security to helping you compete with the big boys in your field, here are some of the many benefits using managed IT services have for your business. 

Future Proof

Technology is a really fast-moving industry, especially when it comes to computers. Keeping all your hardware and software up to date can be difficult for a business to manage on its own, but thankfully an IT service can do this for you, as not only do they ensure you have the most current technology in place, they also monitor the industry and provide maintenance to upgrade your devices. 

This prevents your technology from becoming obsolete, but also helps it stay protected, as out of date software is a lot easier to hack and infiltrate with malware. A managed IT service like Online Computers are experts in cyber security and will be able to install the most up to date antivirus as well as implement other measures to protect your data and your business. 

Low Costs 

Implementing and managing your own IT department is super expensive and just not a feasible option for small and even medium businesses. This puts off a lot of companies from having good IT services, which can really disadvantage them and make it hard for them to compete. A managed IT service can offer the highest quality solutions and services to help small businesses compete for a fraction of the cost. Most of these services use a monthly payment plan, making it far easier to budget and manage, eliminating expensive start up and installation costs. 


Managed IT services are super secure and can help keep your business data safe and protected through a multitude of software and hardware solutions. They can provide things such as VPNs, which connects devices to different servers making it hard to hack; they can install firewalls which stops unwanted external access to a network; and they can also download anti-virus software that can both identify and destroy malware that hackers use to destroy and spy on your staff’s personal data. 


The staff working for managed IT services are experts in their fields, meaning that they are going to be super knowledgeable in a wide array of computer functions. This means that they’ll be really effective at dealing with any issues that arise, can offer the right guidance, and can perform robust troubleshooting. A staff member on this type of service is more likely to be better equipped than inhouse IT staff at a large company because they work for multiple clients, meaning they’re exposed to a wider array of issues and have learnt how to deal with them effectively. By using a managed IT service, you expose yourself and gain access to staff with extremely specialist skills, that can make implementing IT within your business super easy and super simple.