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Best 10 Grammar and Writing Apps

While in college or high school, many students wonder why they need to grow and develop as proficient writers.Writing is a fundamental skill which equips students with efficient writing skills they may come to use in their future. Therefore, it is essential that students develop and nurture themselves irrespective of the careers they wish to pursue. Some students may depend on writing to pay their bills whereas others maybe struggling to write the best thesis, as well you can hire a grammar-mistake-free homework helpers to write a thesis for you, we recommend you to take outside helpers only when you are reaching the deadline and can’t write on your own.

Therefore, it isvital that you develop an interesting writing and mind your writing skills notwithstanding the position you are in. Through constant practice, you will get to grow and develop as a proficient writer. Some interesting examples for developing writing skills you may find at customessayorder.com.

Some students may find it easy to grow and develop themselves whereas others may struggle with the art.Students need to know that writing involves many constituent skills. It does not necessarily constitute essay writing, there is also letter writing, developing a story, fluency, organization,and drafting. Students who find writing a difficult task should not worry about how they are going to develop themselves. As there are many services which can provide you ready made tasks, one of them is https://essayzoo.org/. There are various grammar and writing apps which can help you learn how to improve your writing.

Grammar and writing apps

To learn and develop your writing skills, consider trying the writing tools discussed below:

Sentence Builder

Sentence builder is a writing tool which equips students with the sentence building skills as well as noun verb agreement.

– It is simple to use.
– It helps students learn how to build their sentences, pronunciation, punctuation,and grammar.

– It is not free. One has to pay to use it.

Writing ChallengeWriting challenge is a creative writing tool which helps students learn how to generate ideas for their articles.

– It helps students brainstorm ideas and come up with new content.
– It motivates and helps them to work effectively.

– It is not a free writing tool.
– It does not work on Windows.

Story Builder

Story builder is among of the best writing software. As a student who experiences difficulty in creating anarrative, you should use this app. It will help you advance in forming your paragraphs and developing a well-writtenstory through pictures.

– It helps students learn how to develop stories as they get to analyze and make conclusions from the pictures.
– Students are able to imagine and make new creations.

– You have to pay to use it.
– It does not work on Windows.

Writing Prompts

As the name suggests, writing prompts is a grammar and writing app which helps students practice their writing skills as they encounter various writing prompts. Students hence get to develop the ability to familiarizethemselves with different perceptions.

– It helps students to practice their writing skills.
– It helps students brainstorm ideas and come up with new content.

– It is not a free writing program.

Cursive Writing
Cursive writing is a writing assessment toolwhich helps evaluate the progress students are making in their writing skills.

– It helps improve student’s handwriting.
– It allows students to use their own words instead of the ones they provide.
– Students get to find writing more appealing when they improve.


Writing necessitates a told story. However, this seems to be a challenge for may students as they do not know how to develop theirs. Toontastic helps students draw, animate or share what they have in mind.

– It helps students learn how to develop a story for their articles.
– It makes writing more interesting as you get toexpress your visual thoughts through drawing.
– It is a free writing program.

Writers App

Writers app is a free writing program used by students to write their papers. It helps students concentrate on their writing thus inspire them to develop an interesting story using their ideas.

– It helps to put your thoughts into writing with ease.
– With this app, you can easily develop your outline.

– It only uses two languages, English and German.


This is a free writing programwhich helps students immensely when it comes to writing. Students minds tend to get jammed when they think too much about what towrite. Popplet helps them organize their thoughts in a graphically appealing manner.

– Popplet helps studentsdevelop and organize their ideas.
– It is a free writing app.

– Some images may be difficult for students to comprehend hence the inability to approach or write about it.

Check Writer 2.0

Check writer 2.0 is a check writing softwarewhich helps you write checks, keep track of your checkbook as well as share or print checks easily.

– It is a free writing program.
– You can use it to print checks at home.

Grammarly ( free grammar checker )
It is inevitable to make mistakes when writing. Therefore, students need an app which will help them check and correct the errors. Grammarly premium free is a digital writing toolhelps in doing so.

– It helpsstudents check for grammatical errors in their writing.
– Offers an alternative for wrongly punctuated words.

– It is not a free writing program


Vocaroo is an online writing toolwhich students can use to record themselvesbefore or after having written their articles.

– It is a free app.
– It helps students note the progress they are making in their writing skills.

– Background noises can be recorded as you record yourself hence interfere with the final recording.

In conclusion, writing is essential to everyone as it is applicable to one’s future careers. One can develop and grow as a writer regardless of the writing position or level they are in. The writing and grammar apps stated above can help you effectively in developing your writing skills.


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