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Best 5 Alexa Enabled Devices

Alexa is amazon’s virtual assistant that is incorporated in its entire speaker range of Echo. Alexa is the amazon’s AI that is incorporated in the Amazon Echo Spot and provides a wide set of functionalities to it. With set of sills like uber, news and music, there is a lot that this speaker can do.

Alexa was made to control the speaker but it turned out to be far more useful than that

  • With Amazon Alexa you can play song of your choice by just saying the name of it.
  • Amazon Alexa allows you to book cabs by just selecting your time slot and destination. It prompts for confirmation before confirming your booking.
  • Amazon Echo also comes with the option of display that allows you to maximize the multimedia experience.
  • It can also read news, tell weather forecast and tell you answer all your questions.
  • You can make calls by using voice assistant and the voice recognition is really great.
  • The best thing about Alexa is that it learns with time. It notices your preferences and then provides you with recommendations depending upon your choice.

Amazon Echo Spot

The times have changed and speakers are no more the bulky things with wire connections hanging from them. It is one of a kind speaker with a one of a kind design, it comes with compact display over it. It has the capabilities to show you things, just ask for weather or make video calls and search for your favorite music by just speaking to it. With a sturdy design, powerful speaker and an all new touch screen display, does this speaker makes it worth the hype?

  • The Amazon Echo Spot comes with a stunning display over it that adds tons of features to its functionalities and makes it a unique product amongst the crowd. When it comes to the clarity of the display, it does not disappoint you with the 2.5-inch display. The color reproduction is good and the picture is sharp.
  • Alexa is the amazon’s AI that is incorporated in the Amazon Echo Spot and provides a wide set of functionalities to it. With set of sills like uber, news and music, there is a lot that this speaker can do. But with the firsthand experience, some of the flaws of this were highlighted. The major flaw is in the integration of Alexa.
  • The speaker grills of the Amazon Echo Spot lie on the bottom surface, though the bottom of the speaker is a bit turned so that the outlet of audio can be done from all sides and 360 degrees which provides a decent output.

The Echo Spot speaker is priced at Rs. 12,999 and is available on Amazon app and website. After using Amazon India coupons, you can avail up to 10% off on this product.

Offers on Amazon Echo Spot

  • There is an offer of no cost EMI over the Amazon Echo Spot speaker.
  • If you buy two Amazon Echo Spot speakers together, you can get a discount of Rs. 5000 on your cart value.

 Amazon Echo Dot Speaker

Amazon Echo Dot is a basic speaker by Amazon in which Amazon Alexa is integrated which provides the user with some great functionality. The design of Amazon Echo is very industrial type but the blue metallic color tones it down to be suitable for the home You can easily Find necessary hi-tech product easy and comfortable on  4Prototypes.com

The best features about Echo Dot are:

  • The full support of Alexa is quite useful
  • The design is sleek and sophisticated
  • The price is less than half of Echo Spot
  • 7 inline microphones allow it to hear you from anywhere or any direction.

It is available on Amazon for RS. 3699 on Amazon Sale.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is physically a set of a small microcontroller in the shape of a set top box, just smaller in size, and a remote to control it. This tiny box just gets connected to your High Definition TV and gives you access to a world full of entertainment.

The remote comes with a voice search feature that allows you to search and play your favorite movie or show buy using Amazon Alexa, and it actually works.

Amazon Fire TV combines all the big subscriptions and bring them together for providing its user with the best experience. With the clean and user friendly interface, anyone can operate it easily. You get a variety between more than 2,00,000 TV episodes and movies, rent videos, or enjoy your favourite sports, news, music and fames.

  • Choice between 1080p and 4K ULTRA HD displays
  • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 sound channel
  • Smooth gaming
  • Ultra fast streaming
  • Adreno 320 graphic card
  • 2GB of memory
  • In built 8 GB of storage and USB port

The listed price of Amazon Fire TV is Rs. 3200.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon fire TV stick is a small pen drive looking device which when connected to your high definition TV, opens up the gateway to thousands of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV episodes and many more. It is the most easiest way to access all your favourite subscription based services like Netflix, amazon prime, eros, gaana, youtube and many more at one place.

The remote that comes in with a set is equipped with a microphone in it that helps you search your desired content by just pressing a button and speaking the name of it.

Once you get this device, it will become really hard for you to leave the room it is in. with all your favourite movies and TV shows at one place, you will surely find something to love. Surf from several subscriptions like Netflix, hotstar, eros now and many more and find your favourite stuff.

All the features of Amazon Fire TV Stick makes it the best media streaming stick there is. From the user friendly interface to instant search results and fast WIFI streaming, everything on the fire stick is super fast and fluid. The voice control remote works better than expected and catches both English as well as Hindi language. It is equipped with a Mediatek Quad Core ARM 1.5 GHz processor and a dedicated MALI450 MP4 graphic card. It has an inbuilt storage of 8GB for apps and games.

It is available on amazon at a price of Rs.3,999


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