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Best Anti-Phishing Services and Solutions in the Market

One of the early attempts on phishing were made by some rebellious teenagers in 1990s mid when they created a program called AOHell to steal information about AOL customers. After a few years of which phishing became an official threat to various businesses. Today, much more sophisticated and clever attacks are launched which can affect organizations irrespective of their size, security preparedness, and cybersecurity measures.

What is Anti-Phishing?

Anti-phishing contains the various tactics and techniques applied to avoid phishing attacks against organizations. Many Anti Phishing by Mimecast.com and Phishing Awareness Training can be availed against phishing attacks which can usually work for emails and as well as for websites.

Best Anti-Phishing Services:

Anti Phishing Services by PhishProtection.com provide various ways to prevent and mitigate any kind of online fraud. There is a wide range of these anti-phishing services which can be selected on the basis of your needs. The different categories of these services include; content filtering, blacklisting, symptom-based prevention, and domain binding. Following described are some common anti-phishing services:

1. Bayesian Content Filtering:

Bayesian Content Filtering is a content-based anti-phishing service which analyses the header and the content of the email to decipher its legitimacy. The Bayesian filter works on two groups including spam and the inbox and creates a database including the specific information of an email like; header, phrases, colors, etc.

The popular tool for content filtering is GoldPhish which uses Google search-engine for anti-phishing purposes

2. Blacklist-based Anti-phishing:

This kind of anti-phishing service includes a blacklist that carries a database of malicious-URLs. Methods like honeypots are applied to collect such URLs. When a user visits a certain website, which is present in the blacklist, a warning message is sent to the user to refrain from submitting any kind of personal information on that site. Examples include; Google’s blacklist, Site Advisor etc. Providers for such service include Microsoft, AOL, and Opera and the famous tool that uses this anti-phishing service is Netcraft.

3.  Browser-integrated Anti-phishing:

This anti-phishing service is included in the domain-binding category. Various browser -integrated solutions are present and one of the best is SpoofGuard and PwdHash which help in mitigating the phishing attacks. SpoofGuard gives alerts if it finds any kind of obfuscated and complicated URLs whereas PwdHash helps by generating domain-specific passwords which are useless if submitted to any other domain they have not been created for.

The tools used in browser-integrated anti-phishing are; NetCraft, Google Safe Browsing, eBay Tool Bar, McAfee Site Advisor etc.

4. Authentication-Based Anti-Phishing:

Authentication-based anti-phishing is very significant for online banking as there is a greater risk of frauds here and also because e-commerce and online banking are usually the main targets of scammers and phishing attackers. The approaches like Open ID, two-factor and three-factor authentication are used in authentication-based anti-phishing.

Another approach is multi-factor mutual authentication which is especially used for e-banking environment. Different online transactions are verified with the help of this approach. The protocols like SSL/TLS, HTTP protocol are used to secure the transactions.

The anti-phishing providers like Microsoft and Yahoo use the authentication-based anti-phishing service.

Best Anti-Phishing Solution for You:

The best anti-phishing solution for any user and organization would be the one that suits and fulfills the needs of that organization. Content filtering service is best suited to commercial businesses, local governments, homes, and schools. Browser-integrated anti-phishing is best suitable for multinational corporations where clients’ sensitive data can be saved against phishing attacks. The blacklist-based approach works very well for the users of social media. The authentication-based approach is effectively used in online banking and e-commerce activities as it offers greater security in this segment of the market.

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