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Best Bluetooth VR Guns

Total virtual reality immersion can’t be complete without the best in Bluetooth VR guns. Players have many styles from which to choose, including wands, futuristic styles, and realistic guns.

Many of the best Bluetooth VR guns come in at diverse price points, with some costing less than $100 and others starting at four figures. However, when accuracy and authentic sensory feel matters the most, try these Bluetooth gems:

  1. Warrior wand: the ProTube HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

If you want versatility, the ProTube HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is your best bet. The carbon tubes (also available in chrome) are a favorite choice for this VR Bluetooth gun because they are lightweight and make this versatile tool adapt easily to any VR situation.

You mount controllers on the wands, and in no time, you’ll be ready to shoot your way through any VR battle. The slings and wrist/hand straps allow for a secure grip without the fear that the wands will get in the way of your VR headset.

  1. VR guns re-imagined: MAG P90 VR Gun Controller for HTC Vive

With its ergonomic, lightweight design, the MAG P90 VR Gun Controller for HTC Vive allows for extended periods of VR play. The VR Bluetooth gun looks like a futuristic Terminator-style automatic weapon, but its lightweight and comfortable for extended play. The device comes with a cool blue light bar, and you can add a laser scope for improved accuracy. The Controller, which you’ll want,  is sold separately.

  1. Arena Infinity Bundles by Striker VR

No Bluetooth VR gun is more sleek and streamlined than the Arena Infinity Bundles by Striker VR. Outstanding recoil capability and adjustable haptics make this the VR gun of choice.  It’s versatile enough for arena use, and it has 300 ft wireless capabilities. Immerse yourself in the action without the fear of getting tangled in a short tether.

  1. PlayStation VR Aim Controller

 The PlayStation VR Aim Controller allows you to enjoy recoil simulations, intuitive 1:1 tracking; both are a must for VR. You’ll need two hands for this sci-fi weapon of the future. At first glance, it looks like mere PVC pipe with a light bulb attached to it. The intentional design makes it clear that the PlayStation VR Aim Controller is anything but real.

You’ll appreciate the solid feel when you pick it up, but the real fun begins when you play Farpoint (the only compatible game). The gun is lightweight, because the battery lasts for extended gameplay.

  1. Real feel, real deal: the PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive

Styled after an AR15, the PP Gun Controller for HTC Vive offers the most realistic looking Bluetooth gun for VR. It works just like a real automatic rifle, and it has a similar recoil, making you feel like you’re in the middle of any shooting action. VR sport shooting has never been more realistic.

Best of all, this VR device is compatible with a variety of systems, including Android, IOS, and PC. The drawback, however, is that this Bluetooth gun is often out of stock – it’s that good.

  1. Delta Six

That’s why you should consider the Delta Six. Not only is it compatible with Oculus and HTC Hive, this Bluetooth VR gun is one of the best at simulating full-physics response when handling the weapon.

Not only does the gun look real, it feels authentic and operates the way you expect a weapon to function. Combine that with sensory recoil and precision marksmanship, and you’ve got a device that improves the immersive VR experience. You won’t find the Delta Six listed as one of cheaper Bluetooth VR guns, but it won’t set you back the equivalent of this month’s rent, either.

Whether you’re looking to spend a little time in single play action, or you want arena-style quality, wireless VR guns take VR to a higher level of authenticity and realism.


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