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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2018 under a Penny

Want to know, which best penny cryptocurrencies are in 2018? The main goal of all the traders and investors that play in crypto games is a solid gain that will bring, at least or more than 10 times return. Despite the fact that some of the investments will not deliver a full or multiplied money return, still, there are some risks that are worth taking.


So what are the best penny cryptocurrencies for 2018?

1. Bytecoin

Nowadays this crypto is rather cheap. Also, it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest 2018 under a penny because it is very popular and in high demand. Bytecoin allows you to send untraceable private payments to anyone in the world with no fees, which is a huge plus of this crypto. What is more, sending is super fast and super secure. If you buy it now for 0, 01690, and sell, you will get 4,3333333, which is a huge profit.

2. Dogecoin

This is also one of the best cryptocurrencies under a penny 2018. In terms of the best coins under one cent this is the second biggest coin. It is completely anonymous and one of the fastest cryptocurrencies to send in 2,5 minutes. Dogecoin is working with modern technologies, moreover. John McAfee, a cryptomillioner, has invested $27 million in Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Verge, the huge portion of which was invested in Dogecoin.

3. Dentacoin

Dentacoin network has a lot of partnerships all over the world. This crypto is one of the top cryptocurrency under a penny. The price of this coin is very very low. However, you cannot buy a bunch of these coins because the circulating supply is very massive and is 325, 226, 613, 094 DCN. Nevertheless, you still can make profits of this coin. You can buy a million DCN for the price of $93 and make a lot of money without putting a lot of money initially.

4. Reddcoin

It is ranked 77 and has a market cap of $230 million with circulating supply of 28.7 billion. It is pretty undervalued. Reddcoin is a social currency, which makes people rich. Also, it makes the digital currency affordable for the general public. It achieves these goals through integrating the digital currency platform with all the biggest social networks, making the processes of sending and receiving money easy, rewarding, and fun. Besides, all wallets have zero percent transaction fees. Its price is very low right now, so you can make a lot of money, if you buy it at the very moment.

5. Telcoin

Telcoin is focused on connecting mobile networks globally with a goal to be a cryptocurrency to be distributed by your mobile operator. So basically people can pay for their month mobile bills. The product is featured in Bloomberg, Business Insider, and many other publications. The interest in this coin is high, and if you have a look at the statistics right now, you will figure out that this coin is very undervalued. If you buy it now and immediately sell, you will have a six-time gain, so you are going to make a lot of money if you invest.
All of these 5 cryptos under a penny can be rewarding but are risky. However, we all know that no risk, no champagne.


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