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Best Google Keyword Rank Checker – SpySERP.com: How Analytics Can Boost Your Business

Today faster is the new best, and the whole world is living by this rule. Rapid search sites, that daily save time by bringing mathematically accurate results – what can be in greater demand nowadays?

Knowing this principle, Google has launched its most accurate keyword position checker to track statistics, check the frequency of using separate words and collocations, keeping an eye on business rivals, etc – SpySERP.com. Running a company or trade, this online tool and website keyword checker will complete your plans, provide true to life information, and expand your awareness of the commercial niche.

Why a Rank Checker is Vital for Businesses

As the times flows, many entrepreneurs start using tools like Google Search Console to optimize the way your website works, to find out to what extent it is protected, and to predict and prevent errors. As soon as one tries this ‘all-in-one’ program, it is impossible to do without it. Here is a deeper insight into what SpySERP.com is offering.

  • This Google keyword ranking tool allows you to check the website position in search engines.

SERP lets you and your team members view your level of popularity in different regions. With the help of your domain keyword, you can monitor its visibility in the most popular search engine.

  • SpySERP gives data on how your rankings changed after applying certain SEO strategies.

The service is aimed at letting you develop and become bigger. As a relevant page finder, rank tracker, keyword tracking tool and frequency checker, it is, first and foremost, created to show real data and unveil the opportunities for improvement.

  • Freely checks nearly 50 keywords.

The interface is simpler than ever. Just put the necessary word into the special line, pick the Google SE, and select the area you’re in. In case you need to know the info about competitors, do the same with their keywords. Besides, Serps support a variety of languages – Asian, European, UK, South American. The whole procedure doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, which is good news for busybodies. Even if you’re a newbie and don’t have the great desire to sign up, keywords can be checked for free.

  • It gives a place to monitoring how your competitors are doing.

The mechanism works just as usual. In fact, there are three pillars this process stands on – entering keywords, building charts (which the site does for you automatically), and analyzing them.

What are the Prices at SpySERP.com?

All in all, it depends on the period of time you plan to continue rank tracking. On average, the plan for 1 month costs nearly $8. Bigger options, like 3-, 6-, or 12-month long, will demand up to  $22, $41, and $76 accordingly. For these money, SpySERP.com will check pagerank and clusterize keywords, report on growing, conduct the collection of statistics and frequencies, plus export data to files of various formats.

Besides, you might use promo codes, so if you know how to get them, welcome!

Are you still looking for the perfect rank checker? Do not hesitate to try out the 7-day trial version and feel all the benefits yourself!

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