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As software developers, our main goal is to have our hard work deployed into production. Thanks to continuous deployment tools, DevOps, and agile development, this process is faster than ever! It’s important to know that software deployment software is a process, not a single event.

During this process, you have to be monitoring your applications and productions servers to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Here, we’ll show 4 critical items that you should look out for in your software deployment projects.

Compare Page Load Times And Web Traffic

How many visitors does your site get and what is its normal page load times. These are important metrics that you should be checking before and after a deployment. If you receive a lot more or less traffic, it might mean that something is wrong.

A large drop in traffic means that your users might be experiencing errors and can’t browse to additional pages when using your application. This can reduce the overall traffic volume to your site.

Sometimes this issue can manifest in the application you did not deploy. For instance, if your application makes a lot of internal HTTP service calls or has a microservices architecture, making a new deployment will change the downstream traffic to other applications. Watch their traffic levels to make sure nothing changes dramatically.

Regression Testing

After updating the new code, it’s always a good idea to do some regression testing. You can do this by either doing quick tests on your own or automated synthetic tests.

Many organizations will have complete processes around doing regression testing and release validation. They re-run tests that run during QA. You should also test bugs that have to be fixed during the release before telling customers the fixes that were deployed.  

SQL Query and Database Performance

If your app uses a SQL database, usually each deployment will include changes in how your SQL database is used. This includes changes to existing SQL queries, and new queries, etc.

You should check what SQL queries are used the most and which ones use the most resources on your database server. One small change in your SQL query can cause a major bottleneck in your IT team’s performance.

Track Your Customer Service or Apdex Scores

Monitoring the customer service score or apdex score for your application is a great way to monitor how well your app is performing. For example, certain apps such as Stackify Retrace helps automatically tracks the customer satisfaction score.

The customer service score is based on how many web requests failed, slow, sluggish, or fast. It’s a simple math formula that lets you see the only performance of your software deployment software. Tracking it is a great practice.


Software deployments are the results of hard work and complex coding. They can be stressful due to the inherent risk of deploying low-quality code. To prevent this, you have to make sure that your software development software is tested by your IT team. So make sure your team is onboard and creating updates to ensure that your software makes a successful launch.



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