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Bitcoin – The Trending Money with lots of Benefits 

Trust is a fickle and extremely vulnerable concept. It can very easily be lost without any possibility of recovery. If we talk about the Bitcoin system, then it has been on the market for more than 9 years. During this time, she from a completely unknown managed to become absolutely recognizable. However, this path is full of bumps and pits. So, at first only big enthusiasts knew about Bitcoin, later it became a subject for laundering dirty money, and after that it was transformed into the main driver for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Where to store Bitcoin

To be able to store bitcoin, you must first have an electronic wallet in the system. There are three types of applications that can be used to create wallets:

Web client. This option is most suitable for dummies. Here, the program manages all operations. The client can be compared with email, since it is completely dependent on the server from the outside.

Lightweight customer. Here, the client resembles an offline mailbox, which must be connected to a mail server in order to download messages. This client is able to save bitcoins, but in order to gain access to the network and carry out any operations, it needs a third-party server.

Full customer. The program resembles an offline mail server, which is capable of processing all operations without the need to connect to third-party servers. In this case, the user needs to fully control their own operations. This option is by no means suitable for a beginner in this business.

There are also browser, desktop and mobile wallets, and the wallet can also be presented in paper form. Of course, each type of wallet is distinguished by its disadvantages and advantages.

How many total bitcoins

How many bitcoins can be mined?” not difficult. According to the settings of the cryptocurrency mining program, there is a limitation of emissions. It is limited to 21 million coins. If we take into account the frequency of block formation, which is repeated every 10 minutes, then the amount of 21 million seems relatively small. But here it is also important to take into account the principle of inverse geometric progression, which is also embedded in the issue. According to this principle, every four years, the number of coins that were received for the formation of new blocks is halved (halving).

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Bitcoin issuing is the process of creating new blocks in the blockchain chain, which includes transactions on the network. As already noted, the generation usually lasts 10 minutes. This means that in one hour six blocks can be mined. Each element formed provides a corresponding award, which is reduced every four years. Recall that at the time of the formation of the Bitcoin system, the reward was 50 coins per block, and in 2018 this value decreased to 12.5 bitcoins. Reducing rewards and issuing virtual money is based on a clear algorithm.

It is also known that the issue of bitcoins is limited and amounts to 21 million coins. This solution has many positive qualities, namely:


  • Central control is completely absent.
  • Additional issue of virtual coins is not possible.
  • Reducing the cost of electronic coins is impossible.

When bitcoin mining becomes more difficult and slower every year, the value of coins increases significantly.

The cost of bitcoins is not subject to change as a result of economic and political factors, it can only be affected by the supply and demand for cryptocurrency from users. As a result, a huge number of people are not afraid to invest in bitcoin, as it demonstrates a tendency to a constant increase in its value.

What is Bitcoin provided with?

Providing bitcoins depends on how popular and popular it is among users. So, more people who use bitcoins, provide more points for receiving its payment and a higher rate.

Future bitcoin

Today, given the entire history of past years of cryptocurrency, opinions regarding the future of bitcoin are significantly divided. We did not forget how in 2017 the system made it possible for many users to earn good money, the reason for which was its peak growth.