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Boost Sales and Conversions by Creating Urgency with These Effective Tactics

Boost Sales and Conversions by Creating Urgency with These Effective Tactics

The basic fundamental of SEO or Search Engine Optimization deals with increasing the online visibility of a site on the search engines. What happens next? What is the secondary goal of your SEO? How will you be rewarded for all the hard work that you carried out on your website? The answer is user engagement which leads to more sales and conversions, which is the secondary purpose of optimizing your business website for the major search engines like Google.

When it comes to bringing a sense of urgency to the effect in order to increase the sales and conversions on your site, focusing your efforts on user engagement seems to be the ideal technique. After all, if you are able to give your targeted audience something that they desire for, they will automatically connect more with your site and engage more with your content. The longer you are able to keep your clients and customers engaged on your site, the more likely they will think of using your products and services.

In order to achieve higher user engagement for bolstering your sales and conversions, you have to offer strong call-to-action that will create anxiety within your targeted audience. This will increase the chances of users making buying decision thinking that the product or offering might not be available in the future. To make things easier for you, here are some ways that you can apply to your marketing strategy for creating urgency:

 Give Your Audience Something They Wish For

Urgency can only be effective and work in your favor if you are able to attract your audience. This can be easily done by promoting something on your site that your user community is looking for a very long time. Giving your audience something they want is the first and easiest step to start with. You can ensure driving heavy user traffic and engagement by triggering the interest of your targeted audience. Simply promoting limited-time offers will not make a dent, until and unless your promotion evokes the emotion of your user. For this, you will need to research your target audience and know their needs and wants. Amplify the feeling of urgency or anxiety by giving them an opportunity to meet their needs and wants.

 Set a Timeframe

Even though you manage to understand the needs and wants of your potential customers, releasing the service or product will not be able to create a strong urge among the audience if you miss out on setting a deadline. If your audience feels like there is no rush to make a purchase of your product or service, as they are available all the time on your site, they will take forever to buy the particular offering. The reason being you have given them the time to evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of buying and using the products, which keeps on changing their mind. The power of a limited-time offer is unimaginable especially the way it creates an incentive and a call-to-action for your user community. Make sure that you have created a time pressure by running your products and services under a restricted time period. Another effective way to boost sales and conversions is by adding a countdown timer on the web page that describes and promotes the offer.

 Create Scarcity and Raise the Competition

It is the general human behavior where people want something more that has limited availability. Basically, if you are able to show that the booking of a particular product or service is filling fast with each passing minute, your audience will be automatically driven to the competition. Showcase how quickly a product is getting sold or a lottery is getting filled for a service. This creates an illusion and urgency among your audience to click on the “buy now” button as soon as possible before more people enter the competition.

 Avail the Right Words

Appealing ad words and a strong call-to-action is what you need for creating the required sense of urgency in order to increase the CTR or click through rate on your paid ads, as well as, on the organic promotions. Having a great call-to-action is the actual difference maker between the success and failure of driving the users to buy and use the services and offering of your brand. Hence, the usage of few compelling words becomes necessary when you want to make your customers anxious and curious regarding your brand and its offerings. Some of the catchphrases that you can think of adding to your ad copy are:

  • Hurry
  • Last Chance
  • Now
  • One Time Only
  • Limited Time
  • Don’t Miss out

 Focus on Email Marketing

Intense promotion of your products and services is extremely important, owing to the rising competition in the industry of digital marketing. While doing promotion through emails, make sure the subject line is written in such a crisp and appealing way, that it builds a feeling of scarcity and suspense on the receiving end. You can think of using the time-related words that are mentioned above in order to draw the best possible attraction of the audience.

 Use Number Attributes

Promoting numbers is a great way to influence your audience and making your offering even more compelling. For instance, if you sell clothing and apparels, you can create a sense of scarcity by establishing numbers like “Just 5 more available in stock”. Speaking of numbers, you can also showcase your popularity by displaying the number of ratings and sales that took place on the particular product and service.

 Continue the pressure

Keeping the pressure on your audience is another effective measure for generating more sales and conversions. For this, you will first need to evaluate your ongoing marketing strategy and see where you lost the leads. Work on the critical points and re-create the sense of urgency. You can also think of reminding your audience who have added products to their cart but have not made the transaction.


The higher range of sales, lead generation, and conversion are directly proportional to the user engagement, as well as, the sense of urgency. Adhere to the aforementioned ways for ensuring the increment in your sales and conversions when you market your products and services the next time.



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