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Can I Use My Laptop As A Monitor For My PS4?

Competitive games have become a craze in recent years. During the Covid-19-induced lockdown, not only children and youngsters but also the elderly, get hooked to video games. With recent technical developments, playing games on the latest consoles has become quite simple. 

Visit our techtrada website for additional information on the newest technology trends as well as tips and techniques for utilizing digital gadgets. You’ll discover a helpful reference to the most recent technological developments. If you’re a professional gamer, you’ll want to know about PS4’s strong features and functionalities. It is one of the greatest video gaming systems available. In reality, the majority of us like playing video games.

Some individuals like to play games on their cellphones, while others prefer to play them on their computers. Professional gamers are the only ones that play high-definition games on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, regardless of whether they are gamers or not.

However, playing games on a large screen gives the greatest experience. You may not always have a wider screen to play games. You also  can’t bother our family members who are merely watching TV for entertainment.

The PlayStation 4 is one of the most well-known gaming systems, and it has been used by a large number of people. Many gamers wondered at the time if they could utilize their laptop as a PS4 display. That is, after all, the only aim of this information. Let’s explore how to transform your laptop into a PS4 display if you’re ready. 

Simple ways that To Use LAPTOP As Monitor For PS4

As I previously stated, playing PS4 on a laptop might be challenging, but those who are serious about playing games on a larger screen should read this text to learn about these techniques.

In fact, let’s make this technique as simple as a cup of tea by splitting it down into separate parts. Simply concentrate on each step to figure out “can I play PS4 on a laptop?” Yes, you certainly can. You may play games on the screen of your laptop by connecting your PS4 console to the HDMI connection on the PC. You may connect your laptop to PS4 in a variety of ways. However, I am listing below the most effective methods to sort this out!

Method 1: Laptop computer As Monitor for PS4 through Video Capture Card

A video capture card can be used to link a laptop computer to the console as a display. All of the essential instruments may be simply configured initially. A laptop, WLAN membership, video capturing equipment, network membership, file-sharing support, and associated HDMI connections are all required to build a system.

Step 1: To begin, switch the file-sharing option in the PS4 menu setting tabs to see network settings through your network to access the web affiliation.

Step 2: Start your process with streaming. Then consider connecting  your video capture card to the LAPTOP through the USB connection. As a result, capture cards come with an installation suite application that is simple to set up once installed.

Step 3: Use s-video cable for connecting your PS4 to your video card.   Consider connecting your HDMI output to your PS4. And your HDMI Input to your video capture card. 

Step 4: After doing so. Turn on your gaming console, run the code. In fact your console will automatically fetch that coe and start displaying your game on the laptop screen. 

Now you can enjoy playing your game. 

Method:2 How to use a LAPTOP as Monitor for PS4 With HDMI

An exciting feature on your PS4 to stream your game on wider screens. This program enables a PS4 remote connection, allowing you to enjoy your games to their full potential. You’ll need your PS4 vice console, a wireless Dual shock-4 USB adapter or USB cable, your laptop, a PlayStation platform account, and a high-speed internet connection for this procedure.

Prepare the liquid monitor before you start the process because you’ll need it for a few PS4 console adjustments. Follow these procedures to connect your laptop to your PS4 via HDMI:

Step 1: To begin, download the most recent version of the remote play software from any website. The program should be compatible with the software on your Windows or  laptop.

Step 2: Switch on your PS4 console setting. Enable the remote control connection after installation. You may access your high-speed network games from your PS4 by activating it or putting it in rest mode.

Because your console may not be set to air rest mode by default, you’ll need to change the facility save settings to rest mode.

Step 3:: You can use a USB connection to link the vice controller to your laptop at this stage. To do so, turn on the switch to allow the PS4 vice console to connect to the network.

After that, open your laptop remote program and go to the appliance’s remote play connection settings, then select a suitable screen resolution, such as 720p.

Step 4: You’ll link the controller and laptop computer right now by connecting in the wireless USB adapter, so press it for a second. Within the Remote Play program, you may find a starting button; click it once the code brings you to the PlayStation login screen.

The remote play software automatically selects your PS4 at the PlayStation login page. On your LAPTOP screen, you’ll be streaming PS4 games right now.


That’s all there is to it, guys. Yes , you can use a laptop as a display for your PS4. I’ve provided two simple methods for connecting your PS4 to the laptop screen. You’ll be able to pair and enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games on your computer’s screen in less than two minutes. I’ll advise you to utilize the Remote Play method because it’s an easy alternative. Keep track of your progress and keep updated  with technological advancements.