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Content marketing is a prerequisite for all businesses – Reasons to invest

Paid advertising has always been one of the best techniques for acquiring customers. With the explosion of retargeting, advertisements have assisted the businesses to grow and retain their old customers, enhance lifetime value of customers and reduce cart abandonment and customer churn. However, it is sad enough to note that paid advertising is gradually becoming less effective as an option. In the year 2016, around 200 million people used ad blockers to block ads and presently more than 620 million devices which already have ad blockers in them.

So, when ad block movement is all set to wind up, what is the solution? Content marketing is the answer. While there are online resources like konicaminolta.com.au which offer content services for businesses, you need to know what content marketing is all about.

Investing in content marketing is worth it – Reasons to opt for content marketing

  • Big return on a small investment

Do you engage in outsourcing content marketing strategies or hire someone who can produce content on behalf of you? If answered yes, this is still a more cost-effective option as compared to all other forms of advertisement. It has been studied that content marketing costs around 65% less than the conventional outbound marketing strategies. At the same time, it also generates 3 times more leads.

  • Promotes your business without selling yourself

Customers will follow you on the social media and they subscribe to all your updates since they are eager to hear from you. All they want to know about are promotional offers, special offers and other such information. Content marketing allows you to offer considerable value beyond your products thereby offering customers more reason to pay focus on. With proper content marketing, visits will increase by 255%, unique visits by 345% and 49% of the website’s traffic is coming due to the referrals.

  • Nurturing leads enhances trust with customers

In what way can you make your customers purchase more with sales? In what way can you make them stay with you for the longest span of time so that they could help in boosting your lifetime value? Such customers and leads are nurtured. As per the experts, brands which excel at nurturing leads usually spend a third less on marketing and acquisition while they generate around 50% more on their leads with the help of their campaigns. Customers who are nurtured will make 48% more purchases.

  • Improve organic search visibility

It is great if you can create good quality content but is it of any good if no one is able to see the content? While there are other competitors who are dominating over the search landscape, can your business compete with them if they don’t have enough visibility? 75% of the marketers choose to create more content than before but you shouldn’t feel intimidated by such statistics. The size of your company will have nothing to do with the type of content that you generate.

Hence, if you’re a business organization that had gained enough traffic through paid advertising, now it’s time for you to engage in content marketing to reap the above mentioned benefits.


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