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Copy Files from Remote RDP to Local Machine


Copy Files from Remote RDP to Local Machine :-

If you are a IT professional, remote desktop is one of the most used application for your work. In my previous article i wrote about How to Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows 8How to Access Windows Remote Desktop Over the Internet and How to Remote access Ubuntu from Windows . You can easily transfer the files in Team viewer with File transfer wizard, but what about the copy file files from remote RDP to local machine or local machine to remote RDP session ?

Today i am going to show you Copy Files from Remote RDP to Local Machine ?

Open the Remote Desktop connection wizard with mstsc command on the Run command.


then click on the Local Resources > and in the Local Device and resources select the More option.


then select the drives that you want to use


now connect with your remote computer. it will show you local drive as a network drive on the remote machine.


Now just copy and paste your data.

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