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Custom Mobile App Development: The Hunt for The Best Process

The mobile apps have changed the business paradigms altogether. Today, businesses are adopting the mobile-first approach and provision huge budgets for fully functional mobile applications to penetrate into the market.

Mobile applications these days isn’t just a means to amplify sales, as a matter of fact, they have become a channel to carry a business’ branding endeavours, build a community, give customers a personalized experience and keep them engage with valuable content so that they stay loyal to the brand.

If you have got an app idea and you are wondering how to go about custom mobile app development, here’s a rundown that will acquaint you with the process:-

Safeguarding the Intellectual Property

Though the idea is not protected under Copyright and expression is.  The mere idea and vision of getting an app build of a particular kind holds the potential of disrupting the market. Thus, to safeguard the economic viability of the idea, NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) are necessary.

With an NDA in place, you can have free discussions with mobile app development agencies regarding what is your vision behind the app without the fear of your idea being leaked to your competitors.

Creating a successful app is not an easy task. It requires a lot of great work by an expert development team. If you are looking to create an experience on your app, which replicated your website, you need to work with the best Web Development Agencies. Brands should always look to get on board an agency, which has the expertise of making both the website as well as the app. This will improve the experience and prevent the possibility of errors arising.

Project Discovery & Understanding

Project discovery involves an in-depth study of the requirements of the project. This step usually involves an extensive elaboration of the app idea and what is expected to achieve from the launch of the app. It also includes mapping of content requirements, the framing of user personas, briefing of the app’s appeal and detailing of the niche market which is to be targeted.

Scoping & Estimations

After a thorough understanding of the business’ goal, a team working on the project studies the scope of the project, carries out feasibilities studies, maps the technical expertise required, estimates the cost of the project and builds a time frame within which the project would be completed.

A project proposal document is shared with the business that includes specifications, itemized costing, project schedule and other important terms of the agreement.

Wireframing & Functionality

Once the business (client) enters into an agreement with the agency, the application developing company starts Wire-framing. Wireframes give a preview of the interface, flow, functionality and overall feel/experience of the mobile application.

 Design & Development

The mobile application is then programmed based on predefined functionalities. Iterative and progressive design is followed for the developmental phase. The UI and UX design of the app is carved out.


Stringent testing follows to ensure that the mobile application sticks to the functionality and follows the intended design specifications. Compatibility is checked for various devices and screen resolutions and the network connectivity is tested in accordance with the network router of the specific devices.

App Store Optimization

This is perhaps the most important step of all. It’s like doing an SEO of the website and making it search engine friendly. The mobile application is optimized in accordance with the intention of ranking higher in the app stores.

The App title, description, screenshots and videos are created so as to highlight the functionality and utility of the app in the best possible manner. Well, optimized apps are discovered easily by the targeted customers, thus increasing the prospects of higher downloads from the forum.


The app is published on application stores in accordance with the guidelines set by specific application stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The mobile app is also propagated through various other means such SEO techniques, PR and other exercises such as Blogger Outreach and Influential marketing if need be.

Maintenance & Support

The client or the business is provided free debugging should any bugs appear on the app after its launch at least for some time from the date of launch. The maintenance includes insertion of new features and programming changes to make it more compatible with the ever-changing OS landscape.

The custom mobile app development is best realized when the project is outsourced to an efficient and seasoned application developing company which has stood the test of time and has proved its mettle. AppsChopper is a mobile application development which provides end to end support and help business ideate, design, launch and improve the app based on its performance in the market.

It creates an MVP minimum viable product, which tests the usability and economic viability of the app without having to dismantle the client’s budget.

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