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Efficient and Powerful Filmora9 – An Ultimate Video Editing Experience

Are you an aspiring artist, trying to make a professional video to showcase a great portfolio?

Are you tired of running after the professionals charging huge money or asking your friends to help in making a professional quality video?

Just forget all your worries as with Filmora9, you can help yourself easily. Yes, Filmora9 is a great video editing tool for beginners as well as advanced level users. It is very easy to use software, efficient and powerful in creating high-quality videos. At one point of time, I was really frustrated as none of the video editing tools could give the desired results to the videos for my YouTube channel. No single software I tried had comprehensive features to get that professional quality video. Then, I came across this recently launched video editing software, Filmora9. It is one of the best tools that help me hone my skill as well as creativity and enhance my videos to perfection. It is packed with numerous dominant features that make Filmora9 one of the most preferred choices amongst the users.

Features of Filmora9

An application is useless without a set of proper features. A few great features with seamless usage for the users can make it the best and the most popular amongst all. Filmora9 gives you, both filmmaking as well as video editing experience and is loaded with some remarkable features at the basic level itself. While using Filmora9, I felt that the free basic level can also do complete justice to a video. But, for the professionals who are looking for more advanced features may need the more advanced level of this software. The features of this tool are-

  • A big list of filters, transitions, and overlays to enhance your video
  • Give personal touch to your video by adding custom titles
  • Comprehensive suite of sound tools including, equalizer, background sound removal, keyframing, etc
  • Import multiple videos to combine videos and create story
  • Get the perfect gradient and hue with Color Grading feature to adjust the color of your video or image
  • Directly upload the video on Vimeo or YouTube feature helps me the most when I work on videos for my channel
  • Organize up to 100 videos and tracks and green screen effects
  • Fish-eye lens, precise speed controls, and video stabilization to make Go/Pro action cam videos
  • Edit videos with clarity in full 4K support feature
  • Smooth experience of working with small proxy files instead of full-sized video files

Easy Use of the Filmora9 Software

This tool is not at all complicated or confusing. With a simple interface, I personally found Filmora9 to be one of the easiest tools to use for anyone and everyone. You can create a professional quality video in just a few easy steps.

  • Download the software, install and run the program
  • Create New Project
  • Get access to fully featured editor
  • Import media file to the editor and check the interface
  • Hover the mouse on the video and click + button
  • Give the desired effect once video is in the project
  • Export and create video
  • Finally, share or burn it into DVD


Filmora9 is the best video editing tool for aspiring filmmakers, artists, YouTubers, or anyone who loves to treat their friends and followers with high-quality professional videos. For me, Filmora9 took my creativity to the next level and I’m completely happy and satisfied. Try it yourself to explore the best video editing tool Filmora9.


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