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7 Electrical and Electronic Businesses You Could Start from Home

Knowledge of electrical systems and electronics is very valuable in today’s world, and there are plenty of ways savvy engineers can parlay their expertise into lucrative businesses. There are even entrepreneurs with little to no skills who are thriving in this field, simply because of how vast it is. But if you actually have previous experience, you’ll have an advantage over your competition and will be able to offer better solutions to your clientele. Not to mention that you’ll be able to be more autonomous.

Another thing that’s great about this sector is that almost anyone can start a business in this field, even from the comfort of their home and with a small budget. Here are 7 great electrical and electronic businesses you could start at home today.

Selling Custom Circuit Boards

A lot of people will pay good money to have custom circuit boards designed for them, whether they’re a startup trying to launch a prototype and product, PCB assemblers, other designers, hobbyists, or students. This is a prime opportunity for any skilled engineer to make some extra money easily.

Another thing you could do is sell custom printed circuit boards. This is also something someone with limited experience can do. Thousands of people learn how to design printed circuit boards on their own, and the learning curve isn’t that steep if you have some technical inclination. You could find a free circuit drawing software and start getting some experience behind your belt. Once you’re confident about your skills, you can then start offering your services. Or you can create your own PCBs and sell them through your website or even on sites like eBay.

Capacitor Production

Capacitors are devices that can temporarily store energy that was produced. There is a huge demand for capacitors in the electronics and electrical industry right now. People need capacitors in the automotive industry as well. This is also a business that doesn’t require much capital to start and can be done even with limited space.

Generator Production

Generators are also in very high demand, and if you can find the right suppliers for the parts, you could make a lot of money selling generators. The overseas market can also be a great opportunity, as many people in developing countries are still very reliant on these machines for energy.

Computer Assembling

You could also offer computer assembling services. A lot of people want a computer that fits their own specs, whether it’s for things like crypto currency mining, video production, or video games for instance. You could even market a service as a gaming PC building expert and corner that niche. What’s great about this is that you’ll have a lot of freedom as to how much you can charge for your services and be able to work on your own time.

Electronic Toy Production

There’s also a lot of demand for electronic toys right now, especially RC controlled ones. If you can source the right parts and assemble them yourself, then you have a great business opportunity right there.

You could start selling RC boats, cars, or planes/helicopters and make a killing, even with a small production. All you would need is a nice Squarespace or Shopify storefront and you could have your very own business up and running in no time.

Another thing you could do is buy these toys wholesale either from an online or brick and mortar supplier and resell them. Or better yet, dropship them. You’ll eliminate much of the overhead and initial investment this way.

Electronic Appliance Help and Service

Anyone with a real knowledge of electronics can start their own electronic appliance care and service business. You could brand yourself and offer an at-home service for people experiencing issues with their TVs, computers, or any electronic appliance they might have at home. You could also consider buying a franchise. You’ll benefit from a recognizable brand, and the good ones will give you all the tools needed to succeed.

Start a Blog

Another thing you could do is start your very own blog. The best thing about this is how easy it is to set up and the low startup costs. You could start talking about things going on in the industry, make product reviews, give tutorials, interview industry leaders, etc. You could make money through merchandising, offering sponsored reviews, advertising, or even use the blog to showcase some other services you might be offering. Many publications will also pay good money for your content, so you should give some of these a try.

Most of these businesses can be started on a shoestring budget from your own home. And these can be done if you’re ready to make the jump and work full time, or as a way to supplement your current income as well.

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