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How an Email Validation Tool Helps You Get Rid of Bad Data

Email marketing has become a major part of branding and promotion for every brand and company. You need to ensure that you have an effective email platform to deliver emails to prospective clients. But one of the problem a lot of companies face nowadays is that their emails land in the spam folder rather than the inbox. This is where an email validation tool makes a difference.

Internet Service Providers check a number of aspects when deciding whether they deliver your emails in the inbox or the spam folder. One of these aspects is your email hygiene, so it’s best to pay attention to the quality of your email list. An email validation tool is fast, efficient and saves you time when it comes to removing bad data.

ZeroBounce is your pal to help you under these circumstances and keep your email list clean. It helps you directly reach the mailbox of your subscribers and enhance your email marketing program. You have different packages offered by the company. So, you can easily choose the one as per your budget and preference and go with it.

Here are some of the features that ZeroBounce offers which make it the best email validation tool:-

Detect bouncing emails

ZeroBounce helps you to detect bounces by removing invalid email addresses.

The format of an email address is [email protected], but your list may contain several addresses that don’t follow this format. Either the name or the domain may be incorrect, or sometimes the domain may not even exist.

ZeroBounce removes all these email addresses, so you can count on your communication reaching your target audience. The email validation tool increases the deliverability of your campaigns and improves your conversions.

Spam trap detection

Spam traps looks just like real email addresses, but they don’t belong to real people. They are a spam prevention method and their mission is to attract and block spammers. Having spam traps in your email list is risky for your sender reputation.

ZeroBounce has an efficient spam trap detector which isolates them from the good addresses in your list. That will prevent you from sending your emails to such addresses and protect your reputation. When Internet Service Providers see that you follow email marketing best practices, they’re more likely to deliver your emails to the inbox.

Abuse emails detection

One of the reasons behind the misdirection of your emails is that some people label them as spam. This makes you look like a spammer to Internet Service Providers, so your messages will start landing in the spam folder, or not be delivered at all.

ZeroBounce will help fight this issue by detecting the addresses that have a history of marking emails as spam. The system will remove these abuse emails from your list. Hence, you can focus on communicating with people who want to hear from you.

Remember, it’s best to have a smaller list of engaged subscribers than a bunch of invalid, spam traps or abuse emails that will hurt your deliverability.

Catch-all and temporary emails detection

Catch-all emails are tricky: some of them are valid, so it’s good to keep them in your list. Others will bounce, thus affecting your email marketing program. ZeroBounce will spot catch-all emails and isolate them from the rest. If you’re not sure what to do with them, you can use the company’s email scoring system.

Temporary emails are useless to your email marketing. They’re set up to autodestroy after a certain period of time. So if you email them, you’ll get a bounce, which will only impact your future deliverability. Using an email validation tool is the best way to weed out temporary email addresses, and ZeroBounce offers this feature.

Append missing data

Many companies collect email addresses without any further subscriber information. When you don’t know much about the people in your list, marketing to them becomes difficult.

With ZeroBounce’s Email Append feature, you can find out more about your subscribers. Once it has their email address, the system adds details such as gender, first and last name, and location. This helps you segment your list and create better email marketing campaigns. Personalization is key to getting the results you want.


If email is a part of your digital marketing strategy, make sure you’re using an accurate, healthy email list. An email validation tool is an assett as it helps you save time removing bad data and communicate with genuine people.


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