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Features And Complete Guide About Rolex Oyster

Wearing a Rolex watch is a way of denoting social and economic status since its high price makes these watches not available to all pockets. The reliability and precision of Rolex watches are proverbial since these Swiss watches are considered to be the most precise in the world, thanks to their perfect internal mechanism that guarantees that they will always mark the exact time.

About Rolex Oyster

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is suitable models to start immersing yourself in the universe of luxury watchmaking. Its robustness and its tightness of up to 100 m are the main characteristics that classify these specimens within the category of sports and elegant watches. That is, a watch suitable for any occasion that sets trends in both sports fashion and the most glamorous.

Different Sizes, Different Calibres Of The Rolex Oyster:

Due to the wide selection of sizes in the Oyster Perpetual collection, Rolex accommodates different movements in size of watches. Rotor oscillates bi-directionally and helps the movement to provide a 48-hour power reserve. One of the main characteristics of the Rolex Oyster is its high precision. In addition, it offers a system of stop seconds that allows you to adjust the time accurately.

This piece of high technology presents up to ten times more resistance to disturbances than conventional spirals. Also, the Paraflex cushioning system has been developed by the Swiss house and protects the movement in extreme conditions.

Characteristics Of The Rolex Oyster Perpetual:

  • The main feature of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is that its design is made following a timeless aesthetic, which does not lose value over time.
  • The classic style blends with the modern style to achieve pieces of the highest quality and beauty, for men and women who understand the importance of a perfect image.
  • The classic and simple lines remind the designs of the origins of the Rolex brand, always maintaining the tradition that has made the brand so famous. But without renouncing originality in their new creations.
  • In addition, it allows a high level of personalization both in terms of size, as well as the color of the dial or the style of the numbers or time indicators.
  • Steel is the main material that makes up these watches, specially developed by Rolex for its models. Resistance is the key to this material, as is its brightness and beauty.
  • It also highlights the precision in its mechanical movement, developed equally and exclusively by Rolex.
  • Reliable and resistant to the passage of time, to mark it without failing even a second.

In short, Rolex watches are the best example of luxury watches thanks to their precision, practicality, and reliability (the three characteristics that Wilder wanted for their Rolex watches), to which they have added exclusivity to enhance their luxury status.

Currently, only a total of 800,000 Rolex are produced per year by changing the serial number every January 1, so seeing the serial number of a Rolex can always tell what year it was produced.



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