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Five Alternative App Store for Android

Five-Alternative-App-Store-for-AndroidFive Alternative App Store for Android :-

Apart from the official app store for your android device, there are several other online resources from where you can download apps. There are several benefits for using alternative app store. With alternative app store you can easily download the apps without creating an account and they also provide the app’s APK ( application package ) file. You can download these APK files to your PC and then later transfer them to your phone to install the app you want.

If you have a cheap, unbranded Android device that   doesn’t allow access to the Google Play store for any reason, then these alternative app store will come to your rescue.

1. Amazon Appstore for Android

Five-Alternative-App-Store-for-AndroidFundamentally it’s very similar to Google’s first-party Android Market or the third-party AppBrain, but it has a few Amazonian differences that could set it apart from the competition very quickly.

First and foremost, Amazon is promising to give away one paid app for free every day. Today it’s Angry Birds Rio, and it only retails for 99 cents, but that doesn’t really matter: people love free stuff. People will download stuff simply because it’s free, even if they don’t want it! The best bit (or worst bit) is that developers still get 20% of the usual retail price, which will be paid out of Amazon’s pockets.

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2. SlideME

Five Alternative App Store for Android

SlideME’s philosophy is simple: one Application Store can’t reach everyone, everywhere with the applications they want. We provide an ‘on-device’ Application Store for device vendors, applications to these niche markets, based on geographic location, devices, payment method or even types of applications that users can’t find in traditional channels. We open up these markets to developers, who can deliver and sell their applications globally.

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3. F-Droid 


The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The server contains the details of multiple versions of each application, and the Android client makes it easy to browse, install them onto your device, and keep track of updates.

You can install the latest version from here or see the end of this page for a QR code.

You can also browse the repository with a web browser, and download the applications directly from there if you can’t or don’t want to run the F-Droid client on your device.

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4. Nexva

Five Alternative App Store for Android1

Multi-platform app store you can check out is Nexva, which features apps for Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian and java. it features both paid and unpaid apps.

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5. PandaApp for Android

Five Alternative App Store for Android1

Pandaapp is a free app that allows you to visit Pandaapp Android resources with your Android devices. Download and install the latest apps, remove the apps you have installed and update the apps when the newer versions are available, manage the apps easily just on your Android device, no need cable, no need PC, Let Pandaapp free your android life.

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Enjoy these alternative app store.

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