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How to Fix the “Network Threat protection Failures” on SEPM



How to Fix the “Network Threat protection Failures” on SEPM :-

Network Threat Protection provides protection against threats by utilising the firewall and intrusion prevention system. These are both crucial in defense of malware.

In SEPM, if you have any failure of services, it will show you on the Dashboard, Recently i faced the ” Security Status – Attention needed ” After viewing details about security status i found the Network threat protection failure error on SEPM dashboard.


It will show you the Host-name and IP-address of affected computers.


Now as per your IP-address assigned on your group ,Now click on the Clients option, Select your Group that your IP-address belongs to and click on the Search client option and in the Find option select the Computers , and in Search criteria, select the IP-address in Search field , Like in the Comparison operator and in the value option enter the IP-address of above shown error. Click on the Search option to search your client .

Now in the Query result option, Select your client and right-click on it and select the option Run command on Computers and select the option “Enable Network Threat Protection”.


To view the status of your command. Navigate to Monitors > Command Status. It will show you completion status.


After completion of command your Security status will be Good. 🙂


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