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Fleetmatics REVEAL – Advanced Fleet-Tracking Software

Fleetmatics is a leader in the GPS fleet tracking and management industry. In the recent past, Verizon has acquired the software. Fleetmatics is one of the most prolific solutions available in the market. This fleetmatics reveal review encompasses the many features of this advanced fleet-tracking software in all its glory.

This fleet tracking software focuses more on smaller local vehicle fleet – service vehicles for plumbing, local delivery trucks, cable repair cars etc. Road trucking is not their core market; however, they are somewhat in ELD business as well.

The company has priced the software to a little upper range of BYOD options. With no initial amount to pay, for a basic package (REVEAL platform and the hardware), it costs you around $35/month. For this price, you get GPS tracking, many other tools, and reports as well.

If you want to add the option of the electronic log, you would need to pay an additional 10/month. A tablet or smartphone enabled with a data plan would cost you another $15/month.

Therefore, for a complete package, you would need to pay something around $60 per unit per month – if you are providing the data plan to your drivers instead of asking them to use their own.

Fleetmatics REVEAL is one of the most used products used by the fleet in the country. They provide a reliable tracking system, as well as their reports and dashboards,  help you in managing your workforce better.

The tools for back-office offered by this software are user-friendly and can be used by anyone easily.

If you are afraid that anyone can tamper the hardware, you can easily conceal it behind the dash. The hardware device also has its own 4G connection. Therefore, even if the smartphone or tablet is turned off, managers can get updates of the location from their units.

Because of all these features, Fleetmatics REVEAL is a powerful GPS tracker for your fleet. If your main requirement is fleet management and tracking, this is the best option for your fleet.

Cost of Fleetmatics REVEAL:

If you want to avail all the features of Fleetmatics, you would need to pay $60/month for each unit. This monthly payment is for 3 years, which makes the total amount $2160 over a period of three years. This amount, as compared to other relevant services, is quite high, but when compared to the features of the Fleetmatics REVEAL, its worth it.

However, at the time of the installment of the device, you don’t need to pay anything upfront.

Last Words:

Fleetmatics is a respected company with a history of being a well-known leader in the telematics and tracking industry. It is a thriving company that has been doing great for many years in the market.

As recently acquired by Verizon, they have all the advanced their resources to make some of the most important improvements in their product. Keeping the previous record in mind, it can be said confidently that they would keep improving their product in the future as well.

With all the benefits of using Fleetmatics REVEAL, it is probably would not be the best product to be used as an ELD solution. However, after some improvements made in the ELD component, it could be a good choice.


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