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Gbwhatsapp Download For A Better User Experience

Gbwhatsapp Download For A Better User Experience

Almost every one of us today uses a smartphone and is completely aware of the messaging application known as Whatsapp. But, to get the best of the application the all-new GB Whatsapp has been introduced in the market, recently. This article will help you to understand about GB Whatsapp better. Whatsapp gb is getting a great response from people who are already using it and it has a number of additional features which you will not find in the standard WhatsApp that you are using.

Features, like having dual accounts and switching to multiple numbers using that account, are possible with GBWhatsapp. You can just look up on the internet and search for GBWhatsapp, which will definitely give you a number of links that you can download and enjoy the amazing benefits of GBWhatsapp from.

How to Download GBWhatsapp?

Here are some steps to help you download GBWhatsapp from Google Play Store as well. This is not the original version, but it is a modded version of the original application which would require you to download GBWhatsapp apk file and install it by yourself.

  • Go to settings on your Android phone and click on “Security”, followed by enabling “Unknown Sources”. You can get help from the internet about how to enable unknown sources on your mobile phone if this much information is not helpful.
  • In the next step, download the application and install it on your device.
  • After the installation is completed, open the app and add your mobile number.
  • After adding the mobile number to your GBWhatsapp, it will send you an OTP to confirm the number and once the verification is done, you can start enjoying the exciting features you are bound to love, right away.

The Features of GBWhatsapp

Here are some of the excellent features of GBWhatsapp right below:

  • When you use the application, you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts from just one phone only.
  • Unlike the standard WhatsApp application, the modded version gives us the benefit of chatting and making calls simultaneously on the same device.
  • Most of us hate how the quality of the images sent through WhatsApp gets degraded. Luckily, when you send images via GBwhatsapp, the picture quality will not get degraded at all.
  • You get the advantage of adding themes to your application in case you do not like the default one. You can choose themes from the ones provided to you already and also, download as per your taste.
  • The application allows you to send an unlimited number of images and videos to anybody they want in one go, unlike normal WhatsApp.
  • Here’s one really exciting feature which almost all of us wished WhatsApp had which is, you can view anybody’s last seen without going online. You can see their last seen right from your lock screen which would neither change your last seen or require you to go online.
  • You can even restrict your last seen for specific contacts, while others will be able to see it as it is, according to your wish.

There are some really interesting features which you will notice only when you download and start using the GBWhatsapp.

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